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Gary Peters Stands Silent As Racially Insensitive Language Is Used To Discuss Police Reform Legislation In The U.S. Senate

Democrats take black votes for granted again as Gary Peters fails to call out his Democrat Senate leader for referring to police reform legislation sponsored by U.S. Sen. Tim Scott as “token”

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox today called on U.S. Senator Gary Peters to disown a racially insensitive remark made yesterday by one of his own Democrat leaders, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, in which Durbin called police reform legislation sponsored by Senator Tim Scott a “token” effort.

Durbin, who holds the second-highest Democrat leadership position in the U.S. Senate, made the remark from the Senate floor.

When contacted by media give a response last night, Peters refused to answer.

Peters’ delay in calling out Durbin’s comment echoes another recent incident in which Peters and Democrats remained silent after likely Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden made his now infamous “you ain’t black” comment to radio host "Charlamagne tha God”.

“As I said the last time this happened, it’s time for Michigan Democrats to come to terms with the hypocrisy in their party,” said Michigan Republican Party Chair Laura Cox. “Gary Peters had yet another opportunity to do so but again he remains silent.”