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Gary Peters Traveled To Every Country Except The One He Promised To Hold Accountable: China

Profiteering Peters spent $125,000 of taxpayer money traveling in 40 countries, but not China. They forgot he existed.

Profiteering Gary Peters spent $125,000 in taxpayer funds traveling in 40 different countries – some more than once – but never went to the country he said he was so dedicated to protecting Michigan jobs from: China.

Peters has bragged repeatedly in television ads that he held China accountable.

However, despite traveling the world on the taxpayer dime, Peters never went to China to hold them accountable. Nor did he show up for congressional hearings in Washington, D.C. to make China play by the rules.

That is why China this week forgot about Peters when they sanctioned leading Senate voices like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who have aggressively held China accountable. Peters is so ineffective at holding China accountable that they did not bother to single him out for punishment.

China also sanctioned the Congressional Executive Commission on China (CECC), but Peters skipped almost every one of its hearings. After saying he would “make sure that China plays by the rules,” Peters skipped 89% of CECC hearings.

Information filed with the Congressional Record and Clerk of the House of Representatives shows that profiteering Peters’ travels cost taxpayers at least $125,634.02.

And, Peters and his wife took privately-paid trips to the tune of $17,353.76.

“With all of the promises he’s made, I figured Gary Peters would have traveled to China to tell them he would hold them accountable,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “The reality is, Gary Peters spent so little time holding China accountable that they forgot he existed. Kind of like Michigan voters did.”