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Gaslight Gary Admits He Is THE KEY To An Unchecked Socialist Agenda In The Senate

LANSING, Mich., November 2, 2020 – Gaslight Gary Peters claims to be a bi-partisan moderate in his television ads but now admits he is the KEY to an unchecked socialist agenda in the U.S. Senate. 


Peters, who was finally made available to reporters as he campaigned in-person in Detroit, “said his re-election is critical to the Democrats taking control of the U.S. Senate.” 


And if the Democrats win a Senate majority, a socialist agenda will be waiting for Peters – someone who meekly votes with his party leadership 95% of the time.


Just last week, progressive leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made Peters’ importance to the socialist agenda clear.


Ocasio-Cortez said Peters’ seat must be saved to ensure a “once in a generation”, “memorable shift” to progressive polices that will hurt Michigan’s economy and family checkbooks.


That is in stark contrast with what Peters says on the trail about bipartisanship.


But Peters has given many hints about his readiness to follow Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist plans in Congress:


  • Green New Deal: Peters refused to cast a vote against the Green New Deal when he had the chance last year, instead he weakly voted “present”.


  • Medicare For All: Behind closed doors, Peters told progressive activists that “The path forward is where you're going to have a ‘Medicare for All’ down the road, that's probably where we're going to go…”


  • Votes lock-step with liberal leadership: Peters votes along with super-liberal Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer 95% of the time.  


“AOC exposed Gaslight Gary as key to the socialist agenda in the U.S. Senate,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “Now Peters admits his seat is key to a Democrat, socialist majority, with which he votes at least 95% of the time. Michigan doesn’t need a weak socialist enabler, we need a leader like John James who will fight for all Michiganders.”