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He voted against the tax cuts that put money back into the pockets of hardworking Michiganders like you and me.

Senator Peters has shown where his loyalties lie, and they are NOT with the people of Michigan.

Put YOUR name on the list to let Gary Peters know he’s failed us these past 6 years.

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Mylinda McCoy
Ed Fischer
John Keller
Gloria Summers
Debrah Hubbard
gerrit vandervegte
Karen Ognian
Rayrmond Hildebrandt
James Carroll
Mary Martin
Brian Van Wyk
Rick Swain
Karl Overmann
Jane Olney
George R. Moore
James Ahearn
Raquel Tonriste-Tomassi
Ralph Schafer
Michael Roth
Donna Scarcelli
Donald Jones
Laura Hart
Jay Bennett
Andrew Lazar
Sharon Houck
Ronald Evans
Jeanne Eskew
Donald Rogers
Tammy Benedict
Timothy Wright
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