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GOP Leadership Pulls Michigan Budget Across the Finish Line

Shirkey, Chatfield Remedy Remainder of FY Budget Hole

Yesterday, GOP legislative leadership unveiled their remedy to the budget for the remainder of the current fiscal year. Led by House Speaker Lee Chatfield and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, the state will use federal CARES Act funding in addition to Michigan’s rainy day fund to help aid schools, teachers, universities and colleges, as well as local governments and other services.

“I would like to thank Speaker Chatfield and Leader Shirkey for working diligently to solve the problems facing our state and upholding their duty to Michiganders to complete a balanced budget.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman, Laura Cox. “While this process is never easy, we are in good hands with a legislature that is working to ensure our taxpayer dollars are used effectively. This year, our leaders faced even more hurdles than usual but were able to deliver results for the hardworking people of our state.”