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Governor Whitmer Loses The Veepstakes

After months of cable TV and magazine cover auditions, Gretchen Whitmer loses out on VP spot on Biden’s ticket.

Since early spring, Gretchen Whitmer has done countless late-night comedy shows, cable TV appearances, and magazine profiles in her quest to become Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential nominee. Today, she lost the Veepstakes to Kamala Harris.

Since endorsing Biden in the spring, Michigan took a backseat to Whitmer’s political ambitions. In true Democrat fashion, Gretchen Whitmer never let a crisis go to waste using her countless auditions to trash the president and the federal government during the coronavirus outbreak. Despite nursing homes being overrun by COVID-19, a broken unemployment system and vast executive overreach, Whitmer’s attention was fixed solely on the office she wanted, not the office she had.

“Governor Whitmer’s Veepstakes loss is confirmation of what every Michigander already knew: Gretchen Whitmer just isn’t ready for the big leagues,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “The pick of Kamala Harris confirms how radical the Democrat Party has become. Her addition to the ticket brings support for the Green New Deal, abolishing private health insurance, raising taxes, cutting police funding and devastation for Michigan’s economy. I am more confident than ever that we will re-elect President Trump and Vice President Pence this November.”