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Governor Whitmer’s Collateral Damage

From mishandling our state’s nursing home crisis to defying her own executive order regarding social distancing, Michiganders are continuing to witness the disastrous collateral damage caused by Governor Whitmer’s COVID-19 response.

On Tuesday, The Detroit News reported that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) had counted more COVID-19 cases in Michigan’s nursing homes than the state was reporting. Governor Whitmer has come under fire for her policies of sending positive COVID-19 patients to facilities with negative patients and workers – despite the field hospital at TCF center in Detroit remaining largely empty.

The next day, it was also reported by The Detroit News, that the state had rejected assistance from Detroit-based Quicken Loans to assist Michigan’s unemployment insurance agency. Tens of thousands of Michiganders have found themselves unemployed since March when Governor Whitmer first started issuing her over 100 executive orders. There are still Michiganders today, who are out of work and have yet to receive any unemployment assistance from Whitmer’s Administration.

On Thursday, Whitmer defied her own order on social distancing to march with protestors in Highland Park even though she had been critical of people protesting against her excessive orders during the COVID crisis, and insinuated that they were risking the health and safety of thousands of Michiganders. 

“Every action Gretchen Whitmer takes is politically motivated, and Michiganders have become collateral damage in the Governor’s quest to elevate her national profile,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “The people of Michigan deserve a full-time Governor, not a perpetual politician.”