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Governor Whitmer’s Continued Lies

Today, police and health officials have countered Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s claims that last week’s protests against her executive overreach blocked ambulances from reaching Sparrow Hospital. In a report by The Detroit News, ambulance and police officials said “they had no reports of any patients being endangered by the protest.”, contrary to what Whitmer has claimed in two prior press conferences.

This follows earlier false accusations Whitmer made that the federal government was diverting supplies from Michigan, and that FEMA was not sending adequate supplies. When in reality, Whitmer simply failed to file proper paperwork requesting additional aid.

“It is very disappointing that the chief executive of our state to continues to make false claims like these, that spread fear, and are blatantly wrong.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox went on to say, “Just like her assertion that the federal government was diverting supplies, and that FEMA wasn’t assisting enough – Whitmer is again using her platform to spread lies about her political opponents instead of focusing on ensuring Michigan is healthy and can get back to work.”