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Governor Whitmer’s Covert VP Expenses

Since Whitmer won’t make herself subject to FOIA’s, Cox Calls on the governor to release how much taxpayer dollars were spent on VP bid.

On Monday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced her fix for the remainder of the current fiscal year budget – relying on hiring freezes and layoffs of state employees to remedy the current budget deficit. Back in May, the governor made the same hiring freezes and imposed a process of furloughing state workers one day per week.

Despite these moves to save money – Whitmer brought on a former Presidential Campaign staffer for Pete Buttigieg in order to beef up her national media appearances in her effort to become Joe Biden’s running mate. Chris Meagher, who’s hiring stirred controversy as to why Gretchen Whitmer brought a political operative on amidst a pandemic, recently left the governor’s office to join the DNC.

In the wake of a budget fix that relies on hiring freezes and layoffs, MIGOP Chairman Laura Cox called on Governor Whitmer to release all documents and salary information related to the hiring of Meagher and any other such political hiring’s.

“How much coronavirus funding and state rainy day funding has filled the hole for Gretchen Whitmer’s VP race?’ MIGOP Chairman Cox said. Cox continued, “Since Whitmer hasn’t made herself subject of FIOA’s as she promised to do, I’m calling on her to release the details. Michigan taxpayers deserve to know how much of their hard-earned dollars went to this circus.”

This isn’t the first time Gretchen Whitmer has brought political allies into the Executive Office of the Governor. Back in April, Whitmer and her Administration attempted to bring on a political firm run by her 2018 campaign consultant Mike Kolehouse, in partnership with NPG-VAN to execute Michigan’s COVID-19 contact tracing program.