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Governor Whitmer’s Hypocrisy Runs Deep

Over the weekend, President Trump took executive action to ease the lives of many Michiganders still suffering the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. In true partisan fashion, Governor Whitmer criticized President Trump’s actions, stating that the president must instead “work together with Congress.”

The hypocrisy of such a statement coming from a governor who has signed over 100 executive orders, and who has indefinitely extended her emergency powers was not lost on Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox.

“Like with most issues, if Gretchen Whitmer didn’t have double standards, she would have no standards at all,” said Cox. “The governor has no room to criticize executive action when she has burned every possible bridge with the state legislature. Instead of working to ease the burden for many Michiganders, Gretchen Whitmer decided to further sow the partisan divide.”

The President’s Executive Orders seek to provide relief to those struggling until Congress can reach a deal on their next COVID-19 package, something Whitmer wrote off as “doing nothing” for unemployed Americans.