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Governor Whitmer, What’s the Hold Up?

Just like the FEMA disaster declaration, Michigan Fails to Act Fast.

A week ago, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and President Trump announced that Tax Day would be moved back to July 15th – providing a sigh of relief for many individuals and small business owners. Since that announcement by the federal government, two other Midwest states, Illinois and Ohio, have followed suit in deferring the deadline for their state taxes. 

On Wednesday, Michigan House Appropriations Chair Shane Hernandez called for the deadline for Michigan’s income tax filing to be extended. In her virtual town hall with WOOD-TV on Thursday, Governor Whitmer suggested that her administration was considering the possibility. There has yet to be an Executive Order delaying the deadline. 

“By waiting to delay the tax deadline, Governor Whitmer is yet again behind in providing relief for the hardworking families and small businesses of our state,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, “This delay is causing confusion and many people may fail to file on time thinking that state taxes are due in July along with federal tax returns. A problem that could be solved with a single stroke of the governor’s pen. What’s the holdup, Governor?”