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Gretchen Whitmer Pure Partisan

Gretchen Whitmer: Pure Partisan

LANSING, Mich., October 1, 2019 – Today the Michigan Republican Party lunched a new web video “Pure Partisan” in response to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s reckless use of her line item veto power. Amongst the 147 items vetoed by the Governor was an additional $375 million specifically targeted for road and bridge repairs. In addition, Whitmer made cuts to funding to Public Charter Schools, Rural Hospitals, Prisons, Law Enforcement, and funding for Children with disabilities amongst many other cuts. 

“In a desperate attempt to get Republicans to submit to her highest in the nation 45-cent gas tax increase, Governor Whitmer is slashing funding for many of Michigan’s most vulnerable residents. Children, veterans, and the disabled should never be used as political pawns. In an effort spread the word about Governor Whitmer’s reckless abuse of the budget process, the Michigan Republican Party is happy to announce our new web video calling out Whitmer for what she truly is; A Pure Partisan.

“Pure Partisan” can be found here