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Hey, Gary: Please Explain Why You Lied To Michigan Workers About The China Accountability Committee

Peters said he’d protect Michigan workers by serving on China committee, but he didn’t do the work


LANSING, Mich., October 16, 2020 –  Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox called on Gary Peters to explain why he lied to Michigan workers when he said he’d stand up for them on the China accountability committee but then did not show up to do the work that other Senators did.

“Gary Peters said in 2015 that he was ‘honored’ to serve on the China accountability committee because it was important to protect Michigan workers,” said Cox. “But Gary didn’t do the work. In fact, he did not even show up for work. It’s time for Peters to explain why he lied to Michigan workers about China.”

Peters has been dodging questions about why he had skipped 16 of 18 meetings of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China since 2015, avoiding the hard work that is done in the committee process while accepting the title of commission member. 

Peters has been avoiding answers for months, going back to at least June when WXYZ-TV asked and Peters refused to explain himself. 

On at least one day when Peters was too busy to attend the China hearings, he did find the time to hold a major campaign fundraiser at a Washington, D.C. restaurant described in online reviews as “exclusive and intimate”, and “a super sexy discreet stop.”

When he was appointed to the Congressional Executive Commission on China in 2015, Peters promised Michigan workers that he would be the Senator to finally hold China accountable for its economic misdeeds:

“I am honored to serve on the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, where I will work to hold China accountable for unfair trade practices and currency manipulation, so that American companies and American workers can compete on a level playing field,” said Senator Peters. “I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Commission from both parties to make sure that China plays by the rules and meets their commitments to follow international trade agreements and make progress on protecting human rights.”

Peters never showed up.

He never did the work.

But, he sure did collect the paychecks.