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Hoadley Exposes His Own Lie In A Tweet

Democrat candidate Jon Hoadley was caught in a lie Monday when he tweeted an article that refuted his claims against Fred Upton


LANSING, Mich., September 29, 2020 — In an attempt to distract from statements where he referred to his sexual partners as his “victims” and women as “breeders”, Democrat candidate Jon Hoadley has been frantically attacking his opponent, Congressman Fred Upton. In his desperation, Hoadley inadvertently exposed his own lies against Congressman Upton’s record.

In a tweet yesterday, Hoadley stated that Congressman Upton “has a record of consistently voting to take away people’s access to [health] care” and linked an article from “the Holland Sentinel”. This same article proves Hoadley’s claim to be a lie, stating “In 2017, when Republicans were pushing for a repeal of the ACA, Upton supported a repeal, but only after an $8 billion amendment was introduced to protect pre-existing conditions.”.

“Jon Hoadley is clearly resorting to lies over Congressman Upton’s record in a desperate attempt to distract from his own despicable track record.” Said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “From his disgusting remarks about women and his sexual partners to spreading easily refuted lies about his opponent, Hoadley continues to be an embarrassment and is not fit to serve in the U.S. Congress.”