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ICYMI: MIGOP Chairman Laura Cox Joins Spicer & Co. To Discuss Michigan State of the Race

Yesterday, Michigan Republican Party (MIGOP) Chairman Laura Cox joined Sean Spicer on Newsmax to discuss the state of the Presidential and Senate race in Michigan. Cox also elaborated on the MIGOP’s extensive ground game that was built earlier and more robust than ever before, and went into Gary Peters’ failure to deliver for Michiganders despite holding office for over 30 years.

WATCH: Chairman Laura Cox Joins Sean Spicer on Newmax’s Spicer & Co.

CHAIRMAN COX on the Presidential Race:If Joe Biden comes out of the bunker, and actually talks to the voters, does a press conference – I think it’s been like 88 days since he’s talked to the press… maybe people would be able to hear something Joe Biden has to say, an original thought. But right now, people are excited to re-elect the President, we have over 70 people across the state, embedded, working on the ground, training volunteers, and we’ve talked to 3.4 million voters – we’ve never reached that high water mark [so early], and we’ve reached it months and months early, before the election.”

CHAIRMAN COX on the Senate Race:He’s the only time I want Army to beat Navy….with John James. He’s the absolute entire package. He’s a business owner, he’s signed both sides of a check, he’s a job provider. He is a family man, a combat veteran, he’s a strong leader, he’s not afraid to fight for what he believes in…. and the people of Michigan feel they need a strong voice in [Washington] D.C., in the senate. We haven’t had that for years, and we are anxious to have that and we are excited to work to make sure he wins. In contrast, Gary Peters isn’t listening to the people of Michigan. Quite frankly, he’s the least known Senator in the country, he’s done nothing for 30 something years, he just voted against Senator Scott’s bill that recently past, he’s not shown up to the oversight committee on China. He’s done nothing. He’s just getting his paycheck, and not delivering to the people of Michigan.