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In case you missed it: on Sunday the Detroit Free Press reported that Attorney General-elect Dana Nessel has already broken her promise to defend the women of Michigan.  Nessel has appointed her friend Michael Sareini as a key advisor on her transition team. Sareini is a Wayne County Democrat insider who was convicted of domestic violence and accused of assault and harassment by three family members.

In 2000, a judge issued a Personal Protection Order against Sareini when his ex-wife testified that the Dearborn city councilman had grabbed her by the throat and knocked her to the ground in a fit of rage.  In 2001, Sareini was actually sentenced for domestic violence. 

Nessel’s defense of the appointment? “It is neither fair nor appropriate to judge Mike or anyone else based on unsustained {sic} allegations made nearly 20 years ago.” Funny, Nessel didn’t think that last fall when she said Justice Brent Kavanaugh lacked “the moral fitness we should demand of anyone who aims to sit on our nation’s highest court” based on accusations brought up 30 years later without any complaint at the time of the alleged event, without evidence or substantiation. Sareini, however, was convicted.

On the eve of her being sworn in as our state’s top cop, it is clear: whether you are an exploited teen, a child who is the victim of a predator, or a woman in need, you can only count on Dana Nessel if she thinks it benefits her. The rest of Michigan's women are on their own.