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ICYMI: Nessel’s Praise of Hitler Just Scratches the Surface

Michigan’s Attorney General Has History of False and Insensitive Statements


LANSING, Mich., August 31, 2020— In case you missed it, Attorney General Dana Nessel reportedly praised Adolf Hitler at the Michigan Democrat Nominating Convention. According to Gongwer reporter Jordyn Hermani, in a deranged rant against President Trump, Nessel stated that, “Hitler, by all accounts, could read and write… and he also was brave enough to serve in his nation’s military.”



This is not the first time Nessel has received criticism for her comments. Here are some examples of Nessel’s inappropriate comments:

Nessel’s campaign TV ad: “Who can you trust most not to show you their penis in a professional setting? Is it the candidate who doesn’t have a penis? I’d say so.” [VIDEO: Dana Nessel for Attorney General, 12/20/17]


Nessel in regards to the Catholic Abuse Scandal: "If an investigator comes to your door and asks to speak with you, please ask to see their badge and not their rosary," Nessel said. "And here's why that matters. Because many churches and diocese appear to be self-policing and encouraging parishioners to report abuse to them so they can conduct their own internal investigations. We've heard many stories from victims who have been encouraged to take settlements and sign NDAs or nondisclosure agreements. And victims may believe that they cannot or should not report abuse to us because the church is going to handle it and simply put, that's just not true. Firstly, if you signed an NDA, you still have a right and I would say a responsibility to speak to law enforcement authorities. An NDA will not protect the church." [Nessel Warns Catholic Church: Let State Investigate Clergy Sexual Abuse, 2/21/2019]


Nessel on what she says to her kids about school shootings: “Have a good day, I love you, try not to get murdered at school today.” [Michigan Attorney General Candidate Dana Nessel Attacked by Her Own Words, 5/29/2018]


Nessel on Trump: “Guess who is going to be filing suit against the Trump administration on behalf of the state of Michigan?’ Nessel told the crowd. ‘This lesbian right here” [Detroit Journalism Cooperative, 4/16/18]


Nessel to Trump: “I’ll be suing you all day, every day,’ Nessel said.” [Detroit Journalism Cooperative, 4/16/18]


Nessel on helping female candidates: “when people ask me what are you doing to support other female candidates, we all have to say the same thing: Nothing! Because we’re all running for office, it’s very exhausting!”  VIDEO: 1:39 [Women Organize Michigan Summit, 2/24/18]


Nessel on helping female candidates: “All these years I’ve been so obsessed with homophobia, I completely forgot to care about sexism! To me, you know, it was really one small step forward for the gays, one gigantic step backwards for women.” VIDEO: 2:57 [Women Organize Michigan Summit, 2/24/18]


Nessel on female candidates: “What is everyone so worried about? Do they believe that all our menstrual cycles will become in sync? And that all the leaders of our state will get their periods at the same time? Because we have a very mentally unstable man who is in the White House right now whose very tiny hands are on the nuclear button and nobody seems very concerned about that. But women all menstruating or perhaps going into menopause in my case, at the same time very concerning for a lot of people. I don’t know, maybe they think we will use up all the state-wide tampons in Lansing because so many women will be elected to office and then there will be shortage in the rest of the state. And I try to tell people that for Tampax is like Doritos, they’ll make more, they will.” VIDEO: 3:58 [Women Organize Michigan Summit, 2/24/18]


Nessel on female voters who supported Trump: “What’s upsetting to me is that fifty six percent of white women voted to elect Donald Trump and I, my life, had never been so ashamed to be a white woman.” Video: 6:40 [Women Organize Michigan Summit, 2/24/18]


Nessel’s false assertion that Women in Michigan don’t have constitutional rights: “...Not here in Michigan, where women are not even deemed to be worthy of having constitutional rights.” Video: 8:54 [Women Organize Michigan Summit, 2/24/18]