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ICYMI: New Story Features Peters’ Refusal To Separate Himself From Corrupt Former UAW Officials

Why so quiet, Gary? Did you enjoy hanging around with Williams during his graft-fueled glory days?


LANSING, Mich., October 5, 2020 — In Case You Missed It: Bridge Michigan today highlighted U.S. Senator Gary Peters’ refusal to distance himself from now-convicted former UAW President Dennis Williams.


Despite Williams’ corruption, Peters has refused to criticize the disgraced former UAW leader. Is that because he knows too much? Or, because he also enjoyed hanging around with Williams during his graft-fueled glory days?


From Bridge:


  • “Republicans also criticize what they see as a cozy relationship with the United Auto Workers, which has been the target of a corruption probe by the FBI that has led to 15 convictions for bribery, embezzlement and other crimes. Former UAW President Dennis Williams pleaded guilty to embezzlement last week.”


  • “In 2018, Bridge reported that Williams and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan tried to persuade Peters to run for governor instead of Gretchen Whitmer, who was eventually elected.”


  • “Peters is “buddies” with Williams, said Laura Cox, chair of the Michigan Republican Party.”


  • “The hard workers — my brother is one of them — who work for the UAW have given dues to the UAW. It’s pretty clear that there’s been some misuse of those funds in a criminal manner,” said Cox.”


Peters tight with corrupt former UAW leaders

Prosecutors say that “Williams was a glutton who orchestrated multi-million dollar schemes that benefited him and the union. He is described in court filings as ordering Jones and others to use UAW money to pay his wife’s booze bill, buy $130 bottles of Crown Royal XR whisky and boxes of cigars, and to have cases of wine shipped to his home and office. The UAW also paid for private villas for him in California. That includes a 121-day stay three years ago in Cathedral City that cost the union $20,000, prosecutors said.”

Yet Peters personally met with Williams in 2018 to strategize how Peters could challenge now-Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Bridge Magazine reported on January 15, 2018 that Williams led a meeting “described by one observer as a “full court press…to persuade Peters to enter the campaign, promising substantial help with fundraising…”


Peters should return funds from corrupt Williams back to Michigan workers


According to Bridge, “the UAW’s political action committee has given at least $52,000 to Peters’ candidate committees since 2008” and “the union has also given $1.25 million to Senate Majority PAC since 2014, which spent $3.5 million supporting Peters in his first run for Senate and $13.1 million to date this cycle supporting Peters and opposing James.”


Cox has called on Peters to return the Williams-tainted funds back to the hard-working UAW members who are now trying to clean up the corruption Peter’s buddy created.