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ICYMI: Siding With Schumer Again, Peters Cuts Off Police Reform Debate

Peters claims to be bipartisan but continues record of siding with Schumer 95% of the time, stopping police reform package from moving forward in the Senate

Gary Peters maintained his record of siding with Sen. Chuck Schumer’s partisan political agenda 95% of the time by casting a vote to stop debate and oppose the police reform package that was on the floor of the US Senate last week.  

Despite Sen. Peters’ claim to be open to bipartisan action on police reform, Sen. Peters sided with Sen. Minority Leader Schumer and 45 Democrats to oppose the police reform package, not even allowing an open debate of the policy and related amendments.  

“Offered the chance to advance vital police reforms in the United States Senate, Gary Peters instead sided with Chuck Schumer and voted to stop any police reform from moving forward. Not only did Gary Peters reject the police reform package, he voted with Chuck Schumer to stop any debate on police reform from occurring. When it comes to choosing between making progress for Michigan or opting for partisan political games, Gary Peters sides with Chuck Schumer every chance he gets. Gary Peters doesn’t vote with Michigan, he votes with Chuck Schumer,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox.