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ICYMI: Two Polls Show John James In Tight Election For U.S. Senate

Peters refuses to say “John James” on live radio as race tightens


LANSING, Mich., September 8, 2020— Two polls in the last week showed John James tied or in the lead in Michigan’s increasingly heated U.S. Senate race, with Real Clear Politics listing the race as a “Toss Up.”  


FIRST: Last Monday, a Trafalgar Group poll of Michigan voters show John James beating Gary Peters 48.1% to 46.6%.



NEXT: WZZM reported on Friday that the James campaign released a poll by the respected Tarrance Group showing James and Peters essentially in a tie.



AND: Maybe the tightening race explains why Gary Peters is getting a little…tense?





You keep saying “my opponent”.


Are you avoiding saying John James’ name?


You keep saying “my opponent” but.


I mean, you don’t have a problem with just saying his name?


Or is that part of the campaign? I’m asking!




(Uncomfortable, fake laughter)


No. That’s fine.




Alright, he’s not going to say it. Alright.


Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox said, “If Peters doesn’t like saying ‘John James’, he really won’t enjoy saying ‘SENATOR John James’ after November 3rd.”