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ICYMI - Whitmer’s Unforced Errors Hurting Her VP Chances

For months, Whitmer joined late night tv shows and was the focus of many magazine profiles that sparked talks that she was in the running to become Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential pick. In Politico’s latest edition of “Running-mate rundown: Tracking Joe Biden’s VP Pick”, the publication outlined Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s countless unforced errors that are killing her chances at possibly becoming Biden’s VP.

“…Whitmer has handed her detractors ammunition on several occasions, including her administration’s decision to contract a Democratic political firm to collect data on the coronavirus spread, and her husband’s cringeworthy name-dropping of Whitmer as he tried to get his boat out of storage ahead of others who had been waiting patiently to get out on the water during the pandemic. Neither of these mini-scandals should be considered fatal, but both speak to an underlying lack of awareness in and around the governor’s office — the type of awareness needed to weather scrutiny on the national stage.”

Outside of the COVID-19 pandemic, the outlet also highlighted that Governor Whitmer has had a lackluster first term in office. Between botching her first budget negotiations with the Michigan Legislature or failing to “Fix The Damn Roads”, Whitmer has been unable to deliver on any of her campaign promises.

“Coronavirus aside, Whitmer’s first term as governor has been relatively unremarkable. Having failed thus far to deliver on her signature promise to “fix the damn roads,” her only notable achievement came by signing a Republican-endorsed auto insurance reform law that was decried by liberals in Lansing. All this could be overlooked if Whitmer was a political dynamo, someone capable of drawing massive crowds and infusing energy into Biden’s tranquil campaign. But Whitmer, for all her personality, is better suited to audiences of 10 than 10,000.” 

“After many months of the mainstream media propping up Governor Whitmer, her record of failures are now rising to the surface.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “There is no doubt in my mind that the governor’s political baggage is too heavy for Joe Biden to carry in addition to his own.”