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ICYMI: Whitmer should keep her focus on Michigan

n Case You Missed It, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox recently wrote an article for the Detroit News on Governor Whitmer’s focus on herpolitical aspirations and a future in Washington. Governor Whitmer is jetting off across the country to fancy fundraisers hosted by the liberal elite instead of focusing on Michigan. It is clear Governor Whitmer cares more about Democrat national politics and finding a new job in Washington than the people of Michigan.

Read the full article by Laura Cox below.

Opinion: Whitmer should keep her focus on Michigan
By Laura Cox, Detroit News

The booming Trump economy has spurred the lowest unemployment in generations. People without jobs are finding them, and people with jobs are finding promotions.

Unfortunately for Michigan residents, one of these job seekers is our own governor, Gretchen Whitmer, who is putting her personal ambitions and partisan politics ahead of solving problems and serving our state.

Coasting along on the prosperity of the Trump economy, Whitmer is laser focused on finding a new job in Washington, instead of doing the job she promised to do.

Whitmer is so out of touch with reality that she delivered the Democrat’s pessimistic State of the Union response, despite the fact that Michigan has added over 100,000 jobs since President Donald Trump assumed office, more than 20,000 of which are in manufacturing.

This makes sense, since Whitmer cares more about Democratic national politics than she does about the people of Michigan.  

It’s why Whitmer spends a lot of her time jetting across the country inside the Democrat echo chamber, where she is fawned over by the liberal media and feted by its wealthy donors at ritzy fundraisers.

But while she jets around the country, we travel to work on the “damn roads” she no longer seems to care about fixing unless she can incur 30 years of state debt and bankrupt taxpayers.  

We work in a state that demands and deserves a full-time governor focused on being a problem solver not a partisan shill for national Democrats.  

We work in a state where budget negotiations stall because our part-time governor refuses to work with the Legislature.

And we work in a state where the uncertainty about who will govern it until 2022 impacts the business community’s willingness to invest.

Instead of addressing these key issues, Whitmer endorsed former vice president and twice failed candidate for president, Joe Biden. Why would any business want to invest in a state with a part-time governor who's willing to advocate for the job killing, prosperity crushing policies of the past? 

Far from focusing full-time on the job she was elected to do, Whitmer continues to treat our state as a stepping stone for her personal agenda. She cares more about getting rave reviews from national Democrats than about earning the respect of Michigan residents. Clearly, national “fame” is addictive.  

Why else would Whitmer refuses to issue a “Sherman Statement” to assure Michigan residents that she’s investing herself full-time in Michigan for the over two and half years remaining on her first term?

Why else, when a reporter asked if she would accept a call about the vice presidential nomination, Whitmer responded, “When my phone rings, I answer.”

Oh, really?

If so, the next time you’re waiting for the tire store to fix your car’s suspension or repair a flat tire caused by Michigan’s crumbling roads, give Whitmer a call.  

And demand the governor stop using Michigan as a stepping stone and start doing her job — full time.

Laura Cox is chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.