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In Case You Missed It, Michigan Senator Gary Peters had the worst week ever....again

In Case You Missed It, Michigan Senator Gary Peters had the worst week ever....again. From being outraised for the second quarter in a row, to slipping in polling, it looks like the career politician is still underwater with Michiganders. After last week, it looks like the least known member of the Senate is in for the fight of his political life this November.

Peters Blocks U.S. attorney for Michigan's Western District

Last Monday, is was reported by The Detroit News that Senator Peters had decided to block President Trump's choice for U.S. Attorney in Michigan's Western District. Peters declined to meet with the nominee, in a show of partisan politics.

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox weighed in on the matter, stating, "Tom Leonard is a highly qualified candidate for this position, and his nomination received bipartisan support. It is deeply troubling that western Michigan will have to go even longer without a federal prosecutor because of Peters’ partisan pandering. Michiganders deserve better in the U.S. Senate than a career politician who puts party first."

And in a column by The Detroit News, Deputy Editorial Director, Ingrid Jacques, makes the following point:

"If you need an example of how partisan things have become in our nation’s politics, look no further than what’s playing out in West Michigan. The region is lacking key federal law enforcement officials, thanks to the state’s two Democratic U.S. senators."

James Pummels Peters in Fundraising

Last week it was announced that combat veteran and Detroit businessman John James out-raised incumbent U.S. Senator Gary Peters by $1 million in the fourth quarter of 2019. James was able to raise over $3.5 million dollars while Peters raised a mere $2.5 million, despite his vast fundraising network, which he has been built over his 30-year political career.

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This marked the second consecutive quarter that James out-raised Peters, amassing over $7 million dollars in a matter of just 6 months since he announced his candidacy. In December, the Michigan Republican Party State Committee endorsed John James for U.S. Senate:

Michiganders have made it clear they are looking for renewed leadership in the U.S. Senate. A battle-tested leader who will get them results, and fight for their values. The people of our state are tired of Peters, and it shows as he tries to play catch-up with John James. This November, we look forward to sending John James to the U.S. Senate." -MIGOP Chairman Laura Cox

Career Politician Underwater with Michiganders

Last Wednesday evening, WDIV Detroit released new polling by Glengariff Group and The Detroit News showing John James in a statistical tie with Senator Gary Peters, polling within the four point margin of error. It was the fourth poll since October 2019 that showed the Michigan Senate race in a dead heat.

According to Morning Consult, Peters currently remains the least known member of the Senate, with 37 percent of Michigan voters saying they don’t know who he is or having no opinion of him. On top of that, another 28 percent of voters disapprove of the job he is doing.

Since November, Democrats have poured over $2 million dollars into the race in an attempt to increase Peters’ chances.