Sign Up for Updates Reveals Michigan’s Invisible Senator exposes the truth about Gary Peters’ time in Washington, D.C. and explains why it is not voters’ fault they don’t really know who he is


LANSING, Mich., October 6, 2020 – The Michigan Republican Party today announced a new website that helps voters by revealing the truth about Michigan’s Invisible Man, Senator Gary Peters. helps explain to voters why they are unaware of who Peters really is and exposes the truth about what he’s been doing in Washington with his time – on their dime.


“Michigan taxpayers are funding Gary Peters’ politician lifestyle but when we needed him pushing back on China, defending our jobs and preparing to stop a pandemic, he was the Invisible Man,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “With job creator John James ready to take Peters’ place, Michigan is more than ready for Gary to disappear completely.”


Public polling has repeatedly shown that large numbers of Michigan voters have not known much about their U.S. Senator. As a result, only 19% felt he deserved reelection to the Senate. explains that this is due to Peters skipping work, failing to react to COIVD-19 in an urgent fashion and refusing to accept debates on network television.


But he did make himself rich in the meantime!


INVISIBLE MAN! Peters skipped work


  • Failed to show up for 84% of Small Business Committee hearings that could have strengthened our economy before COVID-19 hit
  • Abandoned his promise to “hold China accountable” by skipping 89% of China accountability committee hearings


INVISIBLE MAN! Failed to act on COVID-19


  • Skipped 2/3 of Homeland Security Committee subcommittee hearings upon entering the Senate
  • Accomplished nothing when presented with reports showing federal agencies were unprepared for pandemics
  • Claimed in February 2020 that America’s coronavirus risk was “low”


INVISIBLE MAN! Debates? What debates?!


  • Will not commit to debates on network TV stations



INVISIBLE MAN! Skip work, get exclusive healthcare and two government paychecks


  • Skipped work but doubled his personal wealth while in Washington
  • Collects TWO government checks
  • Refuses to use the same Obamacare Exchange health care plans so many of his constituents must use, taking gold-plated, taxpayer-funded health insurance instead


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