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Is Gary Peters Brave Enough to Stand Up to His Party?

LANSING, Mich., January 29, 2020 – On Tuesday, Roll Call released its Key Votes 2019, highlighting Senator Peters steadfast loyalty to Democrat leadership. According to the report, Peters joined his party on all 10 of the votes that CQ Roll Call identified as "key votes" for 2019, giving him a 100% score for "Party Unity on Key Votes.” 

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox said the news is especially troubling given the upcoming impeachment vote in the Senate.

Is Gary Peters brave enough to stand up to his own party on a key vote like impeachment? Or will he be just another rubber stamp on Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer's hyper-partisan agenda?” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, "Our state deserves a senator that respects the will of millions of Michigan voters, protects our state’s values and goes to Washington to solve problems, not play party politics. Gary Peters has proven he is unable to do the job.”

Most recently, Peters indicated to the press that he sided with Democrats’ call to drag out impeachment proceedings with additional witnesses. The Democrats’ call for extra witnesses is simply an attempt to extend to the House’s partisan impeachment trial into the Senate, wasting more time and taxpayer dollars.

The Michigan Senate race is projected to be “competitive by Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzalez.

According to Morning Consult, Peters currently remains the least known member of the Senate, with 34 percent of Michigan voters saying they don’t know who he is or have no opinion of him. On top of that, another 29 percent of voters disapprove of the job he is doing.

Since November, Democrats have poured over $2 million dollars into the race in an attempt to increase Peters’ chances.