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Is Gary Peters Still Wooing Progressives?

LANSING, Mich., March 10, 2020 – Gary Peters says he’ll support “whoever” voters choose in the Democrat Primary election, and he refuses to share who he’ll be casting his vote for today. Voters are left only to guess who Peters aligns with, based on his past record. 

In the past, Peters repeatedly attempted to win over the progressive left. As recently as February 2019, Peters sought to gain progressive support. At that time, Peters made a statement to the progressive caucus at the Michigan Democratic Party Convention saying, "[Democrats] are 95 percent together on everything. I guarantee you we are completely opposed to every single thing the Republicans are about.”

Peters declined to attend the dozens of Democrat Presidential events this weekend across the state of Michigan.

Gary Peters says he’s focused on what’s best for Michigan, but the truth is, he’s focused on doing what’s best for his friends on the left. From backing dangerous policies like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, to shielding the son ofDemocrat frontrunner Joe Biden from investigation, Peters is interested in his political career more than the lives of Michiganders. This shouldn’t surprise us, when we know he votes in line with his boss, Chuck Schumer, 95% of the time.