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Joe Biden’s Support for NAFTA Destroyed Michigan Jobs

Joe Biden played an instrumental role in enacting the job-killing NAFTA deal, which led to the destruction of hundreds of thousands of American jobs


LANSING, Mich., September 2, 2020 According to the Economic Policy Institute, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was supported by then Senator Joe Biden, saw the destruction of at least 850,000 American jobs - many of them here in Michigan. As hard-working Americans gather to celebrate the upcoming Labor Day Holiday, Joe Biden’s support of NAFTA and other destructive trade agreements is sure to be a topic of conversation around the state.


“Joe Biden carries no credibility with Michigan workers, his support of NAFTA destroyed Michigan jobs, destroyed Michigan communities, and destroyed the lives of thousands of Michiganders,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “We are lucky to have President Trump in office fighting for Michigan workers, and undoing the destruction that Biden and the Washington elite inflicted on our state. We must send President Trump back to the White House to continue this fight on behalf of Michigan workers.”


President Trump’s USMCA trade deal has seen Michigan exports to Mexico and Canada grow to make up 61% of our state's total exports. It is estimated that President Trump’s USMCA agreement will add up to 588,000 jobs in Michigan and across the county.