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As written before, this weekend’s “endorsement convention” was nothing more than a political stunt the Michigan Democrats used to hand pick and rig the system in favor of the party’s preferred candidates. MDP strong-armed the candidates into pledging not to continue to campaign and adhere to the choice made at this “endorsement convention.” Dillon went as far as threatening to blacklist the “loser” amongst the Democrat elite should they choose to forego the non-binding decision made by rigged system. As reported in MIRS:

“One Democratic insider tells MIRS that MDP Chair Brandon Dillon talked with both Nessel and Miles in an attempt to eliminate an effort from either side to pursue the AG nomination after this week's conclave if they are not successful Sunday.

He reportedly explained to both of them that they needed to commit to a pledge not to continue their battle for the nomination at the August nominating convention, where the official nominee will be named.

‘There should be no sour grapes and no second chance,’ on this Dillon apparently strongly suggested to them both. He apparently explained the rules are the rules and no one should challenge them after the Sunday vote, the source told MIRS.

He expects both campaigns to be aware of this and ‘not go back on your word’ and abide by the delegate decision.

If one of the two decided to go rogue, it was suggested that ‘breaking your word’ could become a campaign issue and the party leaders would be reluctant to spread around any campaign money if the loser this weekend turned out to be the winner next August.”

This endorsement convention was packed with people who would not be eligible to vote in a real "nominating" convention according to state law. For Sunday's convention, one only had to be aged 16 and have been registered as a member of the Democrat party a month prior to the April 15 convention.

The real nominating convention will be held in August, after Michigan’s primary elections. Here, the electorate is stricter, as they must abide by state law. Only elected officials and delegates who were elected in the primary can actually cast a vote for their party’s nominated candidate. If the Party elite has their way, the true electors’ hands will be tied, as those with the right to vote will be forced to adhere to the anointed candidate chosen in April.

This is no surprise. The Democrats have a proven track record of rigging the system in their favor. They stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders in 2016 who after winning all but 10 of Michigan’s 83 counties was declared the loser. The Democrats cannot win at the ballot box, so they are forcing a veiled anti-gerrymandering movement upon Michigan in order to gain an advantage in redistricting. They are planting D.C. insiders in Congressional Districts all over the country. Look no further than Michigan’s 8th and 11th Districts, where D.C. bureaucrats, years removed from Michigan residency, have entered the race to press on their radical agendas.

After being levied one of the largest FEC fines in the history of the United States, the Michigan Democratic Party also continues to brazenly thumb its nose at campaign election law. And finally, by pinning the unions and the establishment elites versus the radical far left of the party, it is clear the Democrats are once again rigging the system in favor of its hand-picked candidates.