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MIGOP Helps Shrink Democrat Control of U.S. House

LANSING, Mich., November 11, 2020 – Democrats suffered massive losses down ballot during the 2020 election cycle, and nowhere was that more apparent than in the significant reduction of the Democrat majority in the U.S. House. The Michigan Republican Party was proud to play its part in putting the pressure on Democrats going into the 2022 election.   Going into this year’s election, Democrats held a 14-seat majority in the U.S. House, but when all the votes are counted, Democrats will have lost anywhere from 9-12 seats to Republicans, giving them their slimmest majority in decades. The MIGOP played its part here in Michigan, flipping the 3rd District with the victory of Peter Meijer, electing Lisa McClain in the open 10th District, and holding onto all currently held Republican seats in the state.   “The people of Michigan and citizens across our nation rejected the socialist House Democrat agenda on election night and in 2022 Nancy Pelosi will lose the speakers gavel once and for all.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “Our record-breaking ground game this election has laid the foundation for Republican victories across Michigan in 2022 and beyond.” More >

Nessel Drags Feet On Investigation Of Benson's Husband

LANSING, Mich., November 10, 2020 –  Sunday, as is the case so often with Attorney General Dana Nessel, she sarcastically scoffed on Twitter at the very idea that some electoral irregularities should minimally be looked at even if, as she says, they did not impact the election.  Afterall, why investigate instances of reported fraud or other crimes, or even just plain old electoral mismanagement or negligence by election officials such as Secretary of State Benson?   As Attorney General Dana Nessel dismissed the concerns of thousands of Michigan citizens regarding credible evidence of election irregularities in Michigan, her conduct begs the question: whatever happened to her investigation of the political shenanigans of Ryan Friedrichs, Secretary Benson’s husband, who destroyed City of Detroit’s public records to hide the truth from the public about hundreds of thousands of public dollars going to a close friend of Mayor Duggan?    For over a year, AG Nessel has sat on this investigation and charges, even though  According to the Detroit Free Press, the City of Detroit Inspector General Ellen Ha already found Friedrichs “abused his authority by being complicit in a scheme to delete city emails” as it relates to “conflict of interest and preferential treatment allegations against Mayor Mike Duggan.”. Now,  after executing a series of search warrants over a year ago, Dana Nessel’s investigation of Friedrichs has gone silent.   “For a year, Dana Nessel has shirked her duties to protect her political ally Secretary Benson and Benson’s husband Ryan Friedrichs.  One year! ... More >

Detroit Election Trainer Jokes GOP Challengers Should Bring Binoculars

Nessel Tries to Block Audio Proving Detroit Tried To Inhibit GOP Challengers   LANSING, Mich., November 10, 2020 – As evidence of unfair election practices in Detroit continues to pile up, Attorney General Dana Nessel is now attempting to block the release of audio that reveals Detroit workers being instructed to prevent Republican challengers from meaningfully participating in observing the vote counting process by being able to witness signatures, identification, and absentee envelopes during the election.   In recently released audio of a training session for Detroit election workers, the person in charge of the training tells future poll workers to keep Republican poll challengers 6 feet from their tables where they cannot see any of the ballots. The trainer then joked that hopefully Republican challengers “got really good vision” or “brought their binoculars”. The trainer also eludes that if tables are set up so that 6 feet isn’t left behind the table, challengers will be unable to go behind the table.   These instructions are in direct conflict with guidance put out by the Secretary of State’s office, in regards to social distancing at polling places, which states “Challengers may stand in closer proximately to election workers to have a challenge heard, observe the poll book, or perform other tasks established under law provided that these close personal interactions are as brief as reasonably possible. Once a challenge, observation, or other permitted task is complete, challengers and poll watchers should resume remaining six (6) feet away from voters and... More >

Michigan Secretary of State Stonewalls MIGOP

LANSING, Mich., November 9, 2020 – As evidence of election irregularities in Michigan continue to mount, the Michigan Secretary of State has denied a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the Michigan Republican Party. In their denial, Benson’s office demanded that the MIGOP jump through unnecessary hoops on its request for emails and call logs, including providing specific email addresses of Biden campaign officials, which are not public knowledge.   On November 4th, the Michigan Republican Party formally sent a FOIA request to the Michigan Secretary of State asking for “any notes, drafts, emails, draft meeting agendas, meeting agendas, texts phone call logs, or any correspondence between Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Elections Director Jonathan Brater, and/or all executive staff of the Secretary of State’s office” as well as additional individuals specified in the request. This request was rejected on technicalities, despite the fact that their ability to provide the information requested was not inhibited.   “This is yet another example of the partisanship that has infected the Michigan Secretary of State. It is painfully obvious that their office is trying to make us jump through hoops by playing dumb, when they know exactly what we’ve requested and where to find it.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “Michiganders have a right to know what’s going on with Michigan’s elections, and any attempt by the Michigan Secretary of State to impede the investigation of election irregularities in our state gives the perception of an attempted cover-up.”... More >

Detroit Under Fire For Shutting Out Republicans

Despite Michigan election law requirements, Detroit shut out Republican election workers, calling into question the legitimacy of Detroit’s election operation   LANSING, Mich., November 5, 2020 – As Detroit continues to struggle with their election operations, concerns are being raised about the integrity of their system as it relates to Michigan election law.   According to Michigan election law, it is required that all major political parties have fair representation in election workers. Despite many Republicans applying for these positions in Detroit, Democrats were chosen to fill hundreds of the election worker spots, while Republicans were only able to have representation from a handful of individuals. According to Wayne County Canvassing Board Chair Monica Palmer, “Republican applicants were either rejected or flat out never received a call from the City of Detroit.” Palmer continued, “While there was ample opportunity for Detroit to faithfully follow through on what Michigan election law requires of them, the evidence at TCF raises questions about the hiring process for Detroit Election Inspectors, specific to the absentee counting board."   “It is an outrage what is happening in the City of Detroit right now, and Detroit Clerk Janice Winfrey and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson are to blame for this mess.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “Republicans have been shut out of the process in Detroit because of Benson and Winfrey’s partisanship, in a flagrant violation of Michigan’s election laws. I call for a full investigation of the election operation in Detroit,... More >

Cox Calls For Truth On Voting Irregularities

LANSING, Mich., November 4, 2020 – The Michigan Republican Party is currently monitoring numerous irregularities that occurred with the counting and reporting of votes throughout the state of Michigan.   One of the irregularities was a reporting error in Antrim County, which skewed initial returns in the unofficial election results tabulations. According to Antrim County, the glaring discrepancy in vote totals was caused by a software program used in several communities throughout the state of Michigan. Once the error in Antrim County was corrected, we saw a net swing of over 6,000 votes going in favor of President Trump and John James.   In addition, the Michigan Republican Party is looking into allegations that thousands of ballots were dropped off at the City of Detroit counting board after 3:00 AM, following volunteers having been told that the final batch of votes was processed hours before. The situation was exacerbated when Wayne County Clerk Kathy Garrett refused to report how many votes in Wayne County were outstanding, in an interview with CNN this morning.   “The irregularities reported this morning are incredibly troubling, especially given how close the election results are in Michigan.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “At this point, it is unclear whether or not these issues were caused by incompetence or corruption, but the fact that they exist is of great concern, and the Michigan Republican Party will spare no expense to expose the truth of what happened in yesterday’s election.” More >

Gaslight Gary Admits He Is THE KEY To An Unchecked Socialist Agenda In The Senate

LANSING, Mich., November 2, 2020 – Gaslight Gary Peters claims to be a bi-partisan moderate in his television ads but now admits he is the KEY to an unchecked socialist agenda in the U.S. Senate.    Peters, who was finally made available to reporters as he campaigned in-person in Detroit, “said his re-election is critical to the Democrats taking control of the U.S. Senate.”    And if the Democrats win a Senate majority, a socialist agenda will be waiting for Peters – someone who meekly votes with his party leadership 95% of the time.   Just last week, progressive leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made Peters’ importance to the socialist agenda clear.   Ocasio-Cortez said Peters’ seat must be saved to ensure a “once in a generation”, “memorable shift” to progressive polices that will hurt Michigan’s economy and family checkbooks.   That is in stark contrast with what Peters says on the trail about bipartisanship.   But Peters has given many hints about his readiness to follow Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist plans in Congress:   Green New Deal: Peters refused to cast a vote against the Green New Deal when he had the chance last year, instead he weakly voted “present”.   Medicare For All: Behind closed doors, Peters told progressive activists that “The path forward is where you're going to have a ‘Medicare for All’ down the road, that's probably where we're going to go…”   Votes lock-step with liberal leadership: Peters votes along with super-liberal Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer 95%... More >

Did Double-Dipping Gary Peters Also Take Two Healthcare Plans? He Refused To Answer Media Questions, So Who Knows

The Invisible Senator is hiding in plain sight after refusing to answer media questions yet continuing to campaign around the state   LANSING, Mich., October 31, 2020 – Gary Peters is a U.S. Senator— for now— but he is also a master politician who knows how to work the system to his personal benefit. Also like a career politician, he’s refusing to talk to the media about questions regarding a possible double dip on taxpayer-funded healthcare insurance.   Why would he do that? Because he does not want to discuss how he has worked the system to benefit himself on healthcare, even as his constitutions are crushed by the huge costs of the ACA.   Peters is already double-dipping on government paychecks, collecting a Senate paycheck and State of Michigan legislative “retirement” check each month.   Now, The Detroit News is reporting that Peters is hiding from reporters wanting answers about Peters’ personal healthcare insurance situation, saying that “Peters has declined interview requests to talk further about his own health care plan.”   Peters originally told The Detroit News in 2013 that he used a healthcare plan obtained from an ACA exchange.   But, in December of that year, Peters filed amendments to his U.S. Senate financial disclosure statements stating that he had actually been taking the exclusive state legislative retirement health insurance for years, instead.    This week, Peters’ campaign apparently provided an undisclosed document to The Detroit News claiming he was registered for an ACA exchange plan in... More >

ICYMI: Peters Still Refusing To Discuss His Gold-Plated, Taxpayer-Funded Health Insurance

John James says, “Peters is so afraid of his elitist plan being discovered, he lied about it…Peters doesn’t seem to realize or doesn’t seem to care how much health care costs for everyone else.”   LANSING, Mich., October 29, 2020 – In case you missed it: As the U.S. Senate race closes, John James is on offense on healthcare, calling out Gary Peters for not understanding the unaffordable nature of the so-called “Affordable” Care Act.   James wrote in The Detroit News today that the ACA is unaffordable for many in Michigan, “But Sen. Gary Peters wouldn’t know that. Peters is part of an exclusive gold-plated, taxpayer funded plan. Peters is so afraid of his elitist plan being discovered, he lied about it to media, amended his financial disclosures and refuses to talk about his plan. Peters doesn’t seem to realize or doesn’t seem to care how much health care costs for everyone else.”    James notes that Michigan families are drowning in rising costs that no one can afford, including:   Since the ACA’s creation in 2009, wages have gone up 26% while deductibles have soared 162%.   Some families are paying nearly $40,000 annually in medical costs, while Michigan’s median income is just $75,703.   James knows what it’s like to deal with the ACA in the real world. He is an employer and provides health coverage to his employees. His family uses the same health insurance his employees do.   Gary Peters uses exclusive health insurance paid for by taxpayers,... More >

Biden/Harris Abysmal Record On Criminal Justice

Both of their records on criminal justice have led to the mass incarceration of young black men, devastating the African American community of America   LANSING, Mich., October 29, 2020 – The Biden/Harris campaign has gone to great lengths to portray themselves as allies to America’s black community. However, their policies on criminal justice show an abysmal track record that has led to the mass incarceration of young black men, devastating the African American community.   According to PolitiFact, the 1994 Biden Crime Bill “provided funds to expand and keep policies in place that would increase the number of people behind bars.”. Furthermore, the New York Post reports that Harris’s track record on crime “disproportionately targeted low-income people of color” and stated “Harris’ handling of wrongful convictions has also been called into question”.   “President Trump has spent the last 4 years undoing the damage caused by the Biden/Harris criminal justice system, with policies like his landmark Criminal Justice reform – The First Step Act.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “Tens of thousands of African American men have been reunited with their families and President Trump will continue his work over the next 4 years to ensure a brighter future for all Americans.” More >


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