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LANSING, Mich., August 22, 2017 –Without a prominent national face to promote their brand, Democrats are increasingly turning to Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders I-VT as a key inspiration for their agenda. In keeping with this trend, Senator Sanders is visiting Detroit with Congressman John Conyers to pitch his Socialist solutions for healthcare and the economy.

Upon hearing about the event Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser commented, “The Democratic Party is so devoid of ideas that they have turned to a Socialist who isn’t even a member of their party to help them write an agenda.” Weiser continued, “Bernie Sanders’ far leftwing policies have repeatedly been proven wrong. When tried in the 1960’s and 70’s they brought decades of decay to Detroit, a decay that is now in retreat due to the efforts of the Detroit business community and the reorganization led by Governor Snyder and our Republican legislature.”

Many prominent Democratic officials are expected to attend the event in an effort to draw support from the Sanders and his leftwing supporters. The event will serve as a launching pad for a costly government controlled healthcare plan which Sanders said he will introduce when the Senate returns from its summer recess. This is in keeping with his 2016 Presidential campaign which proposed over $18 trillion in additional spending, to a nation that is almost $19 trillion dollars in debt.

“Senator Debbie Stabenow has voted in line with Bernie Sanders 91% of the time,” Weiser continued. “At what point will she vote with Michiganders instead of following Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer to the left? It is not socialism that has made Michigan the Comeback State, but rather Republican policies of smaller government, less regulation, and a better climate for businesses. Democrats racing to the left, promising more ‘free’ lunches, will do nothing to continue our comeback, but instead will further bust the federal budget and could send Michigan back to the Lost Decade.”