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Michigan House Republicans Say, “No Deal” to Green New Deal

LANSING, Mich., March 13, 2019 –  Today, Republicans in the House Energy Committee voted unanimously to approve a resolution introduced by State Representative Matt Hall, that opposes the Democrat, ‘Green New Deal’. The federal resolution has come under increasing criticism due to the fact it would add an estimated $93 trillion in federal spending over 10 years, and would add new Federal regulations that would be devastating to both Michigan’s agricultural and manufacturing industries. All seven Democrats on the committee opposed Hall’s resolution.   

“The ‘Green New Deal’ is a raw deal for Michigan families,” said Representative Matt Hall (R-HD-63). Hall continued, “Michigan families cannot afford the $600,000 per household in taxes the Green New Deal is expected to cost. Worse, they can’t afford the job-killing regulations that this bill imposes on Michigan’s manufacturing and agricultural industries. The job of the Michigan legislature is to stand up for Michigan families, not partisan progressive promises.”

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox added, “Michigan families work too hard to have their money taken to fund the progressive fantasyland that is the ‘Green New Deal’. I am proud that today Republicans in the State House showed that they are fighting for Michigan families by saying ‘No Deal’ to the ‘Green New Deal’.”

The House Energy Committee voted as follows:


Joseph Bellino (R) Committee Chair, 17th District
Pauline Wendzel (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 79th District
Julie Alexander (R) 64th District
Ben Frederick (R) 85th District
James Lower (R) 70th District
Graham Filler (R) 93rd District
Gregory Markkanen (R) 110th District
Mike Mueller (R) 51st District
Jack O'Malley (R) 101st District


Donna Lasinski (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 52nd District
Tim Sneller (D) 50th District
Tyrone Carter (D) 6th District
Jim Haadsma (D) 62nd District
Padma Kuppa (D) 41st District
Mari Manoogian (D) 40th District
Nate Shannon (D) 25th District