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Lansing, MI – Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser announced that the Michigan Republican Party is joining “Stop J-Street,” an effort to oppose Anti-Israel candidates across the country, including MI-08 candidate, Democrat Elissa Slotkin.  

Elissa Slotkin has been endorsed by J-Street and the anti-Israel lobby and received thousands from J Street PAC, which has been criticized many as “anti-Israel.”  J Street backed the Iran Deal including funding a multimillion dollar television campaign in support, and bragged about spending millions of dollars to defend supporters of the Iran Deal. J Street PAC has vouched their support for Slotkin partially because of her role “in advocating for the passage of the Iran nuclear deal.”

While at the Department of Defense, Slotkin played a key role in building support for the Iran Deal. Slotkin has publicly declared her support for the Iran Deal. 

“The anti-Israel lobby and J Street are working with Nancy Pelosi and other extremists to knock off pro-Israel conservatives and replace them with candidates who support dangerous anti-Israel policies like the Iran Deal,” said Weiser. “Elissa Slotkin helped create the policies that created the Iran Deal and continuously underestimated the threat of ISIS. We must stop the radical agenda of J Street, Nancy Pelosi, and others who seekto place DC insiders like Elissa Slotkin in Congress to undermine the policies that keep this nation safe.”

Slotkin has claimed she had a role in crafting the Iran Deal and has declared her support publicly. Slotkin has also been criticized for policies where she underestimated the threat of ISIS. Slotkin has been endorsed by foreign policy extremists like “author of Iran Deal” Ben Rhodes and Samantha Power

On Slotkin’s last day with the Department of Defense in January 2017, Slotkin got into an argument with General and Secretary of Defense James Mattis that the US was doing enough to deter ISIS. Mattis thought the US needed to speed up eradication of ISIS and Slotkin disagreed. Mattis’ strategy proved to be successful.