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75% of Michiganders Oppose Whitmer Gas Tax

LANSING, Mich., April 17, 2019 – New polling released by the Marketing Resource Group shows that Governor Whitmer’s 45-Cent Gas Tax has stalled with Michigan voters.  According to the poll, 75-percent of likely voters oppose the Governor’s tax hike. That staggering number also includes a majority of Whitmer’s fellow Democrats (58-percent oppose).  The poll, which was conducted from April 9-13, surveyed 600 likely voters and also showed strong opposition to Whitmer’s plan amongst Republican (89 percent oppose) and Independent (78-percent oppose) voters.

Despite widespread outrage to the plan and Whitmer’s struggle to find support for it within the Democrat House and Senate caucuses, the Governor is threatening to shut down the State government if her plan is not passed. The Governor has also publicly stated that she is unwilling to negotiate on an alternative proposal unless her preconditions are met, including a massive $2.5 billion revenue increase. 

"Gas Tax Gretchen’s 45-Cent fuel tax is so ‘ridiculous’ that it has unified 75-percent of Michigan voters in opposition.” said Laura Cox Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued "Instead of saying ‘it’s my way, or no highways’ the Governor should abandon her ‘ridiculous’ highest in the nation tax plan. It’s time to sit down with Republicans to find a real way to ‘fix the damn roads’ without building them on the backs of Michigan families.”