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Results not Resistance
MRP campaign theme highlights GOP successes and Democrat obstruction

LANSING, Mich., May 23, 2018 – The Michigan Republican Party (MRP) today launched its 2018 election theme “Results not Resistance,” highlighting Michigan’s tremendous success under Republican leadership. The theme also highlights Democrat attempts to derail that success through obstruction and resistance. During the eight years of Republican governance, Michigan has earned the title “Comeback State” due to our unparalleled economic recovery. Unemployment has dropped from a nation leading 13.7% down to 4.7%, and has reversed the population hemorrhage we experienced under the Democrat led Lost Decade. Unfortunately, Democrats have consistently opposed the policies that have led to our state’s comeback.

“When times were tough the people of Michigan came together, under Republican leadership, and achieved amazing results,” Michigan GOP Chairman Ron Weiser said. “Democrats, however, have chosen a different path. Instead of standing with the people of Michigan, they choose to stand with the entrenched liberal special interests attempting to obstruct the very policies that led to Michigan’s recovery. Now they are asking for our votes. Michiganders deserve results, not resistance.”

Republican leadership in the State legislature also applauded the theme. Representative Lee Chatfield (R-HD 107) commented “As a husband and father of five children, I have no greater duty than to ensure that our state’s future is bright. As a member of the Michigan House of Representatives, I know House Republicans will continue to work to achieve the results that will make our state an even better place to live, work and raise a family.”

State Senator Mike Shirkey (R-SD 16) added “Republicans in the State Senate will continue our fight against the progressive special interests who want to drag us back into the bankrupt policies that produced the Lost Decade and a mass exodus from our state. Michigan has made tremendous progress over the last few years and our fellow citizens deserve leadership that will not fall into complacency. Senate Republicans will continue to aggressively drive a pro-growth/pro freedom agenda. I am very confident Michigan voters much prefer the outcomes of our work over the last seven years versus the disaster of the Granholm/Whitmer years. The people of Michigan want results, not resistance.”