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MIGOP Statement on Whitmer's Failure to Present FY21 Budget

Governor puts D.C. politics ahead of the state of Michigan

 LANSING, Mich., February 3, 2020 – The Michigan Republican Party released the following statement on behalf of Chairman Laura Cox regarding reports that Governor Gretchen Whitmer would not be participating in the administration's FY21 budget presentation to the legislature:

"It is not remotely surprising that the governor is off playing D.C. parlor games instead of doing her job and working with the legislature 'to get things done'," said Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, "Governor Whitmer announced yet another unrealistic roads plan that would burden hardworking Michigan taxpayers with billions of dollars of debt, and is too busy kowtowing to D.C. politicians to explain how the state will foot the bill. Just like the rest of the national Democrats the governor seeks approval from, she is truly unable to accomplish anything for the state of Michigan.”