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1st District Democrat Signatures Spoiled by Inability to Follow Directions

LANSING, Mich., May 1, 2018 – 1st District Congressional Democrat Matthew Morgan has been deemed ineligible for the Congressional primary ballot. Morgan filed his nominating petitions using a P.O. Box instead of his residence, thus voiding the petitions. Under Michigan election law a candidate’s home address must appear on the petition forms.

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser said “Matthew Morgan failed to do the most basic of tasks, that is, putting his correct home address on a government form as required by statute. In my experience, Congressmen deal with a lot of government forms and statutes. If you can’t follow a clear legal requirement, you’re probably not the right person to write or review federal legislation, let alone make the tough budget decisions that our representatives in Washington must make.”

The August Primary ballot in the 1st Congressional District will have a blank space on the Democrat side. Morgan has announced that he will continue his campaign as a primary write in candidate for the 32-county district. In previous cycles, many candidates who have had petition snafus have chosen to withdraw to spare themselves the embarrassment of explaining such a silly mistake to the voters.