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Nessel Drags Feet On Investigation Of Benson's Husband

LANSING, Mich., November 10, 2020 –  Sunday, as is the case so often with Attorney General Dana Nessel, she sarcastically scoffed on Twitter at the very idea that some electoral irregularities should minimally be looked at even if, as she says, they did not impact the election.  Afterall, why investigate instances of reported fraud or other crimes, or even just plain old electoral mismanagement or negligence by election officials such as Secretary of State Benson?


As Attorney General Dana Nessel dismissed the concerns of thousands of Michigan citizens regarding credible evidence of election irregularities in Michigan, her conduct begs the question: whatever happened to her investigation of the political shenanigans of Ryan Friedrichs, Secretary Benson’s husband, who destroyed City of Detroit’s public records to hide the truth from the public about hundreds of thousands of public dollars going to a close friend of Mayor Duggan? 


For over a year, AG Nessel has sat on this investigation and charges, even though  According to the Detroit Free Press, the City of Detroit Inspector General Ellen Ha already found Friedrichs “abused his authority by being complicit in a scheme to delete city emails” as it relates to “conflict of interest and preferential treatment allegations against Mayor Mike Duggan.”. Now,  after executing a series of search warrants over a year ago, Dana Nessel’s investigation of Friedrichs has gone silent.


“For a year, Dana Nessel has shirked her duties to protect her political ally Secretary Benson and Benson’s husband Ryan Friedrichs.  One year!  The people of Michigan and Detroit deserve to know what role Ryan Friedrichs and others played in Detroit’s “Make Your Date” scandal.”  said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “Who is she protecting?  Why have there been no charges?  Justice demands charges or the exoneration of Mr. Friederichs.  Either she is protecting him in the hope the people of Michigan will forget, or she should explain why it is that Friederichs is innocent of wrongdoing despite destroying records to protect the Mayor of Detroit.”


Cox then said, “while Justice should be blind, the people of Michigan should not expect AG Nessel to be deaf, dumb, and blind and look the other way from either the criminal destruction of public records, or for that matter, electoral irregularities.”