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Nessel Endorses Biden

Today, Attorney General Dana Nessel endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for the Democrat Presidential Nomination. Biden has recently come under scrutiny for allegedly sexually assaulting one of his staffers when he was a member of the US Senate.

In 2018, while running for Michigan Attorney General – Nessel asserted that Justice Brett Kavanaugh was unfit to serve on the Supreme Court due to the misconduct alleged by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

“Dana Nessel, much like many other women in the Democrat party, is willing to overlook these serious allegations simply because it would hurt Joe Biden’s chance at the presidency.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman “The double-standard within the Democrat party is incredibly troubling. A party that claims its brand is about ‘advocating for women’ is now showing its true colors. Whether it be ignoring the sexual misdeeds of Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, or now Joe Biden, the Democrat party simply does what is politically expedient.”