New Campaign ads violate state law by implying incumbency

LANSING, Mich., August 1, 2018 –Today the Michigan Republican Party notified Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon that Democratic frontrunner Gretchen Whitmer is currently breaking Michigan election law. The Whitmer for Governor campaign is running multiple ads in which Whitmer is referred to as “Governor,” implying incumbency. Under Michigan election law a false designation of incumbency is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500 and up to 90 days imprisonment in county jail.

“Gretchen Whitmer, a former prosecutor, seems to have a really poor grasp of Michigan law,” said Sarah Anderson Deputy Chief of Staff at the Michigan Republican Party. Anderson continued, “Whitmer and her allies are defending against multiple campaign finance and election law violations. Michigan needs a Governor who enforces state law, not someone who thinks she is above it. We trust that Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon will take action on this notification despite the fact that she co-hosted a Whitmer for Governor fundraiser on July 22, the proceeds of which may have paid for the ads in question.”

Whitmer’s ad specifically violates Section 944 of Act 116 of 1954 in Michigan Election law which states:

Any person who advertises or uses in any campaign material, including radio, television, newspapers, circulars, cards, or stationery, the words incumbent, re-elect, re-election, or otherwise indicates, represents, or gives the impression that a candidate for public office is the incumbent, when in fact the candidate is not the incumbent, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable as provided in section 934.

In regard to the punishment for the misdemeanor mentioned above section 934 states:

Any person who shall be found guilty of a misdemeanor under the provisions of this act shall, unless herein otherwise provided, be punished by a fine of not exceeding $500.00, or by imprisonment in the county jail for a term not exceeding 90 days, or both such fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the court.

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Whitmer Waffles on ICE Abolition
Newly released footage shows Whitmer calling for abolition of ICE

LANSING, Mich., July 25, 2018 –On Tuesday, Democrat candidate for Governor Gretchen Whitmer told a group of reporters that she opposes abolishing the Immigration and Customs enforcement agency (ICE). Whitmer stated "Just abolishing a department that is the face of the administration, doesn't fix the problem. I'm interested in solving problems, not just taking positions, not talking in buzz phrases, but solutions for people."

However, the Michigan Republican Party (MRP) has footage from a recent event in which Whitmer contradicts those statements, stating instead that ICE should be abolished. The footage is from June 30, 2018 at the "Families Belong Together" rally in Lansing. Many members of this group have openly called for the abolition of ICE. Whitmer attended the rally.

“Gretchen Whitmer will say anything to get elected,” said Sarah Anderson, MRP Deputy Chief of Staff. Anderson continued, “Whitmer says one thing when speaking to Progressives and something completely contradictory when speaking to the media and mainstream Democrat voters. Does she support abolishing ICE? Does she support sanctuary cities? Waffling Whitmer owes the people of Michigan an explanation. As she so aptly put it in the recent Democrat debate, you can’t be ‘half pregnant’ on issues.”

The footage of Whitmer’s support for the abolition of ICE can be found here.


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Weiser Statement on Democrat Debate

LANSING, Mich., June 20, 2018 – The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser on tonight’s Democrat Gubernatorial Debate.

“While Republicans are running on a record of results, tonight we saw that Michigan Democrats continue to be devoid of ideas. All three Democrats simply regurgitated the extreme left-wing policies of Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders in a desperate attempt to see who could be the most “pure” progressive. More spending, higher taxes, and bigger government are what lead to the Lost Decade and over 500,000 Michiganders losing their jobs. Democrats are running on the failed policies of yesterday. Yesterday is over.”

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Michigan Republican Party files complaint against “Build a Better Michigan”

LANSING, Mich., June 20, 2018 –Today, the Michigan Republican Party filed a Campaign Finance Complaint with the Michigan Department of State against ‘Build a Better Michigan,’ a Washington D.C. based non-profit corporation advocating on behalf of Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Gretchen Whitmer. According to the complaint, ‘Build a Better Michigan’ violated Michigan Campaign Finance law in one of two ways: Section 54 of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act (MCFA) states that a corporation is prohibited from engaging in express advocacy for a candidate. However, two ads by ‘Build a Better Michigan’ entitled “Work Hard” and “Fix the Roads” violated this statute with Whitmer appearing in both ads using the express advocacy language “Gretchen Whitmer Candidate for Governor” and outlining her major campaign themes. Or ‘Build a Better Michigan’ violated section 51 of the MCFA by failing to file and report independent expenditures associated with the previously mentioned ads.

“With 48 days left until the Democrat primary and trailing badly, Gretchen Whitmer and her Washington friends are trying to dump $1.8 million in illegal ads on Michigan’s airwaves,” said Colleen Pero, Michigan Republican Party Chief of Staff and complainant on the filing. Pero continued, “The first act by any person elected as our state’s Governor is to swear to uphold Michigan law. Gretchen Whitmer, an attorney, appears to have approved these illegal ads and coordinated with an outside corporate entity by appearing in them. This was bad judgment on her behalf, and possibly a criminal act by her special interest friends at ‘Build a Better Michigan.’ They must be held accountable.”

In support of their claim, the Michigan Republican Party provided four pieces of evidence which can be found along with a copy of the complaint as attachments with this release. They are: The Build A Better Michigan Articles of Incorporation, Screen shots from both the “Hard Work and “Fix the Roads” ads and an article published on June 12, 2018 in the Detroit News.

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When it comes to Nessel Supporters, Follow the Money...And the Ambulances

When it comes to Nessel Supporters, Follow the Money…And the Ambulances

LANSING, Mich., May 23, 2018 – Today the Detroit Free Press reported alleged unethical behavior by embattled Metro Detroit Attorney and Dana Nessel donor Mike Morse. In Federal court, State Farm insurance alleged that Morse has been using his law firm as a no-fault insurance patient mill, referring clients to medical firms in which Morse had a direct financial interest. State Farm also alleges Morse received kickbacks, including real estate from medical firms who were seeking client referrals from Morse’s law firm, and who agreed to provide favorable medical evidence in return. This type of insurance abuse is a contributing factor in Michigan having the highest auto insurance rates in the nation. This is not Morse’s first run in with the law. Last summer five women came forward alleging that the attorney sexually assaulted them. However, those allegations did not stop Democrat Attorney General candidate Dana Nessel from accepting a $1,000 campaign contribution from Morse later that year.

Michigan Republican Party Deputy Chief of Staff Sarah Anderson stated “Mike Morse allegedly assaulted five women and Dana Nessel happily took his money. Today, Morse is accused of being involved in unethical behavior that contributes to Michigan citizens paying the highest auto insurance rates in the nation and she is silent. When will Dana Nessel stand up for the people of Michigan instead of her trial lawyer, ambulance chasing friends?” Anderson continued, “Dana Nessel once said that the fact that she lacks male genitalia meant she would be a better public servant. When it comes to where she gets her money, she also apparently lacks ethics.”

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Results Not Resistance

Results not Resistance
MRP campaign theme highlights GOP successes and Democrat obstruction

LANSING, Mich., May 23, 2018 – The Michigan Republican Party (MRP) today launched its 2018 election theme “Results not Resistance,” highlighting Michigan’s tremendous success under Republican leadership. The theme also highlights Democrat attempts to derail that success through obstruction and resistance. During the eight years of Republican governance, Michigan has earned the title “Comeback State” due to our unparalleled economic recovery. Unemployment has dropped from a nation leading 13.7% down to 4.7%, and has reversed the population hemorrhage we experienced under the Democrat led Lost Decade. Unfortunately, Democrats have consistently opposed the policies that have led to our state’s comeback.

“When times were tough the people of Michigan came together, under Republican leadership, and achieved amazing results,” Michigan GOP Chairman Ron Weiser said. “Democrats, however, have chosen a different path. Instead of standing with the people of Michigan, they choose to stand with the entrenched liberal special interests attempting to obstruct the very policies that led to Michigan’s recovery. Now they are asking for our votes. Michiganders deserve results, not resistance.”

Republican leadership in the State legislature also applauded the theme. Representative Lee Chatfield (R-HD 107) commented “As a husband and father of five children, I have no greater duty than to ensure that our state’s future is bright. As a member of the Michigan House of Representatives, I know House Republicans will continue to work to achieve the results that will make our state an even better place to live, work and raise a family.”

State Senator Mike Shirkey (R-SD 16) added “Republicans in the State Senate will continue our fight against the progressive special interests who want to drag us back into the bankrupt policies that produced the Lost Decade and a mass exodus from our state. Michigan has made tremendous progress over the last few years and our fellow citizens deserve leadership that will not fall into complacency. Senate Republicans will continue to aggressively drive a pro-growth/pro freedom agenda. I am very confident Michigan voters much prefer the outcomes of our work over the last seven years versus the disaster of the Granholm/Whitmer years. The people of Michigan want results, not resistance.”

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Morgan Ineligible for Primary Ballot

1st District Democrat Signatures Spoiled by Inability to Follow Directions

LANSING, Mich., May 1, 2018 – 1st District Congressional Democrat Matthew Morgan has been deemed ineligible for the Congressional primary ballot. Morgan filed his nominating petitions using a P.O. Box instead of his residence, thus voiding the petitions. Under Michigan election law a candidate’s home address must appear on the petition forms.

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser said “Matthew Morgan failed to do the most basic of tasks, that is, putting his correct home address on a government form as required by statute. In my experience, Congressmen deal with a lot of government forms and statutes. If you can’t follow a clear legal requirement, you’re probably not the right person to write or review federal legislation, let alone make the tough budget decisions that our representatives in Washington must make.”

The August Primary ballot in the 1st Congressional District will have a blank space on the Democrat side. Morgan has announced that he will continue his campaign as a primary write in candidate for the 32-county district. In previous cycles, many candidates who have had petition snafus have chosen to withdraw to spare themselves the embarrassment of explaining such a silly mistake to the voters.

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Democrat Hypocrisy at the "Endorsement Convention"

From candidates to constituents, the Michigan Democrat Endorsement Convention this past weekend was full of "Liberal Logic."
Below are just a few of our favorite moments. If this convention taught us anything, it's that we can't afford to take a Michigan left in November! Donate today and join our fight to keep Michigan red!


- Whitmer On Special Interests -

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer should probably steer away from statements concerning loyalty to special interest groups. The irony of her message is that she said in it a speech to the Labor Caucus — a group to which she is very much beholden.

We understand why she wants to mask her establishment Democrat roots, she’s just not doing a very good job of it.


- Hypocrisy On Voter I.D. -

At their most recent endorsement convention, the Michigan Democratic Party required each participant to show ID to get their credentials.

It begs the question: Why don’t they have the same standard of security for every Michigander at the ballot box?


- Friendly Fire Obstruction -


United they stand? From Congress to the streets, “obstruction” is a platform all Democrats believe in – even if it means blocking fellow party members. Democrat gubernatorial candidate Abdul El Sayed must really be out of genuine ideas if his plan is to simply obstruct his opponents – literally.


- A Questionable Ad -


We can’t get over this ad. Under Mark Brewer’s leadership from 1995 - 2013, the Michigan Democrat party ran shady bingo operations that resulted in a $500,000 FEC fine - the largest fine ever levied against a state political party.

You may want to think again before you take legal advice - or probably any advice - from Mark Brewer.


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Democrats Divided

While the Michigan Democrats’ progressive narrative continues to race to the radical left, the vast majority of their constituents are left without a voice. Michiganders deserve a party that prioritizes results through the empowerment of all individuals. The Michigan Republican Party is a big tent. To all Democrats in Michigan who are feeling left behind by their party we say: give us a chance and we will give you a choice.

Democratic endorsement convention reveals divide between progressives, African Americans

Kathleen Gray, Detroit Free Press, 4/19/2018

In every Michigan gubernatorial election cycle in the last 48 years, except for one, an African American has been nominated for one of the top three slots on the Democratic ticket.

But that streak ended Sunday when Democrats endorsed two white women for two of the top three slots — Plymouth attorney Dana Nessel for attorney general and former Wayne State University law school dean Jocelyn Benson for secretary of state. And the leading contender for governor, in polls and endorsements, is former Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer of East Lansing, who is also white.

The convention left many African Americans disheartened and wondering about their participation in this year’s election and their future in the party, especially since Pat Miles, an African American, Harvard University-educated lawyer and former U.S. attorney for the western district of Michigan, was also competing for the state attorney general’s slot.

“Dana out-organized and out-campaigned Pat Miles and his folks, but it’s also obvious that it seemed to be done at the exclusion of African Americans — instead of with us —and that’s the part that pisses people off,” said party member and political consultant Greg Bowens of Grosse Pointe. “The Democratic Party has become one of the few places where African Americans can come together and still feel empowered. But when you have what occurred on Sunday, the feeling of disempowerment is not at all what you would expect.”

More: Dana Nessel wins Michigan Democratic Party endorsement for attorney general

More: 18 candidates aiming to replace Rick Snyder as Michigan governor

Nessel was able to gain a winning margin by putting together a coalition of progressives, supporters of marijuana legalization, activists who had supported U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the 2016 presidential election and new party members who were energized to get involved in politics after the election of Donald Trump as president.

Largely left out of that coalition, however, were African Americans, an important and loyal constituency in the Democratic Party. It started early in the day, when the Progressive Caucus met. The group had endorsed Nessel and gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed, but as the caucus meeting began, the group wouldn’t let Shri Thanedar, another candidate for governor, speak during its caucus. A large meeting room filled with caucus members booed him out of the room, chanting “Abdul, Abdul!”

Other caucuses allowed all the candidates to speak. But after the Thanedar incident, the other candidates who were not endorsed by the Progressive caucus, including Miles and gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer, didn’t even try to speak to the caucus, knowing they would be shunned from the room.

When the nominations for attorney general came up before the full convention of more than 6,700 people, the contrast was even more stark.

On stage as the long convention day ended, Nessel’s mother-in-law, Mary Maguire,nominated her for attorney general and a largely white crowd gathered around Nessel, hoisting signs bearing her name.

Then, as former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade and the Rev. Wendall Anthony, president of the NAACP’s Detroit chapter, nominated Miles, they were surrounded by a diverse crowd that included a large number of African Americans.

“Before, when there is a call to have a diverse ticket, people would step aside, but Dana decided to go forward,” said Jonathan Kinloch, chairman of the 13th Congressional District organization in Detroit. “We’ve always taken pride in having a very diverse ticket and diverse voices and when I saw her on that stage, it was very concerning.”

Nessel has attended multiple events in Detroit and other urban communities around the state and plans for more outreach, her campaign said.

"Dana has spent her entire career representing people who are so often marginalized and silenced, and she will continue to do that as attorney general," said her campaign spokeswoman Angela Vasquez-Giroux Wittrock. "That begins with meeting people in their communities, listening to their concerns and taking their guidance to find solutions that are fair."

And while her message didn't win over a majority of the African Americans at the endorsement convention, Nessel prevailed by a 55-45 margin after the votes were tallied, buoyed by the more than 3,000 new members she helped sign up for the Democratic Party. By the time Miles conceded the race shortly after 7 p.m. Sunday, the inevitable had already begun to sink in and most of the people attending the convention had begun to filter out of the Cobo Riverview Ballroom.

“There was a person by person vote from the floor for that attorney general spot and it felt like we were rejecting an African American because of a huge influx of white progressives who hadn’t participated in anything that the party did before and that’s a shame,” Bowens said.

It was a startling and unfamiliar result for many in the party. Starting with Richard Austin’s stint as secretary of state from 1970 to 1994 to Detroit attorney Godfrey Dillard’s bid for secretary of state in 2014, there has almost always been an African American in one of the top 3 slots: governor, secretary of state or attorney general. The one exception was in 2010 when Brenda Lawrence, who was then the mayor of Southfield, was picked to be the running mate of gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero, who was then the mayor of Lansing.

There’s still a chance, though. Bill Cobbs, an African American and retired businessman from Farmington Hills, is still in the race for governor — but without much money and no endorsements, he’s considered a long shot for the nomination.
Of the remaining three candidates — Whitmer, El-Sayed and Thanedar — whoever wins the Democratic nomination could bring more diversity to the ticket with their selection of a running mate.

And that’s going to be essential for the Democratic Party’s strategy to boost voter turnout in a year that’s supposed to be the start of a blue wave.

“Unless they get some diversity, it’s going to be a lackluster fall turnout and could spell certain defeat,” said Steve Hood, a Detroit political consultant. “Right now, it’s not a diverse enough ticket. There’s not enough men and there’s not enough African Americans.”

Indeed, Michigan could be in the unprecedented position of having three Democratic women — Whitmer, Nessel and Benson — at the top of the ticket in the fall.

The party knows it has to mend some fences after the bruising endorsement convention that featured plenty of insults and negative campaigning from both candidates for attorney general.

“It was a hard-fought race for attorney general and we know that whoever won, there is some serious work that needs to be done to bridge the divide,” said Brandon Dillon, chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party. “The party and all of our candidates need to have a strong effort to reach out to African-American communities to listen to their concerns and to make sure the party is representing their interest and values.

Dillon noted that the ticket has not been fully decided yet. Voters will choose a Democratic nominee for governor during the primary election on Aug. 7 and delegates to the Democratic convention will officially confirm the nominations of lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, Supreme Court and the boards of Michigan State University, Wayne State University and the University of Michigan and the state Board of Education on Aug. 25.

“We’re going to have a ticket that will broadly represent all of the people of the state of Michigan,” he said. “We have taken the concerns seriously from the people who are the base of our party and have been loyal for a very long time.”


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MDP Stacking the Deck

As written before, this weekend’s “endorsement convention” was nothing more than a political stunt the Michigan Democrats used to hand pick and rig the system in favor of the party’s preferred candidates. MDP strong-armed the candidates into pledging not to continue to campaign and adhere to the choice made at this “endorsement convention.” Dillon went as far as threatening to blacklist the “loser” amongst the Democrat elite should they choose to forego the non-binding decision made by rigged system. As reported in MIRS:

“One Democratic insider tells MIRS that MDP Chair Brandon Dillon talked with both Nessel and Miles in an attempt to eliminate an effort from either side to pursue the AG nomination after this week's conclave if they are not successful Sunday.

He reportedly explained to both of them that they needed to commit to a pledge not to continue their battle for the nomination at the August nominating convention, where the official nominee will be named.

‘There should be no sour grapes and no second chance,’ on this Dillon apparently strongly suggested to them both. He apparently explained the rules are the rules and no one should challenge them after the Sunday vote, the source told MIRS.

He expects both campaigns to be aware of this and ‘not go back on your word’ and abide by the delegate decision.

If one of the two decided to go rogue, it was suggested that ‘breaking your word’ could become a campaign issue and the party leaders would be reluctant to spread around any campaign money if the loser this weekend turned out to be the winner next August.”

This endorsement convention was packed with people who would not be eligible to vote in a real "nominating" convention according to state law. For Sunday's convention, one only had to be aged 16 and have been registered as a member of the Democrat party a month prior to the April 15 convention.

The real nominating convention will be held in August, after Michigan’s primary elections. Here, the electorate is stricter, as they must abide by state law. Only elected officials and delegates who were elected in the primary can actually cast a vote for their party’s nominated candidate. If the Party elite has their way, the true electors’ hands will be tied, as those with the right to vote will be forced to adhere to the anointed candidate chosen in April.

This is no surprise. The Democrats have a proven track record of rigging the system in their favor. They stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders in 2016 who after winning all but 10 of Michigan’s 83 counties was declared the loser. The Democrats cannot win at the ballot box, so they are forcing a veiled anti-gerrymandering movement upon Michigan in order to gain an advantage in redistricting. They are planting D.C. insiders in Congressional Districts all over the country. Look no further than Michigan’s 8th and 11th Districts, where D.C. bureaucrats, years removed from Michigan residency, have entered the race to press on their radical agendas.

After being levied one of the largest FEC fines in the history of the United States, the Michigan Democratic Party also continues to brazenly thumb its nose at campaign election law. And finally, by pinning the unions and the establishment elites versus the radical far left of the party, it is clear the Democrats are once again rigging the system in favor of its hand-picked candidates.

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