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Cox Statement on State of Emergency Extension

The following statement is from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox regarding Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s announcement that she will yet again extend her order for a State of Emergency. Such an order allows the governor to act unilaterally without input from the peoples’ elected representatives in the state legislature.

“While it is clear that Michigan is still under threat from COVID-19, it’s time for Governor Whitmer to start working again with the peoples’ elected representatives to end this crisis. By continually extending her State of Emergency order, she has intentionally circumvented the checks and balances our system of government is built on and given the cold shoulder to our legislative leaders who represent nearly 10 million Michiganders.  Michigan is stronger when our leaders work together, not unilaterally.”

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Peters On Health Care: “You’re Going To Have Medicare For All Down The Road”

30-year politician Gary Peters tries to have it both ways but told MFA advocate: “We have to go where you’re going”

Thirty-year politician Gary Peters tries to have it both ways on health care, but was heard in a video saying America’s next step beyond the ACA is Medicare for All, telling an MFA advocate that, “We have to go where you’re going.” 

Peters has claimed he does not support MFA. Instead, he claims he supports the ACA while adding more and more people to Medicaid. This includes his own legislation to lower the age at which people can be added to Medicaid health coverage.

However, questioned on stage by an MFA advocate in 2018, Peters waffled big time and indicated support of MFA coming into place at a later time.

In politician-speak, that means he can tell people who support MFA that he supports it… without upsetting other voters who oppose it.

During intense questioning in which Peters becomes almost hostile under pressure, Peters said about MFA:

  • “I don't disagree at all. The path forward is where you're going to have a ‘Medicare for All’ down the road, that's probably where we're going to go, but we’ve got to deal with the problem that we have right now, and that is that the Affordable Care Act is under attack.” (Gary Peters Town Hall, 6/01/18)
  • “Well, sir, I agree. And we have to go to where you're going.” (Gary Peters Town Hall, 6/01/18)
  • “I’m not disagreeing with you. I'm not disagreeing with you at all, it’s that we have to get a path to get to that place” (Gary Peters Town Hall, 6/01/18)

Peters also waffled when he failed to vote against MFA in the U.S. Senate.

In a 2017 Senate vote on an amendment to create an MFA program, Peters avoided a chance to take a position and instead voted “Present”. (HR 1628, Roll Call Vote #173, Peters Voted Present, 7/27/17)

“Thirty-year politician Gary Peters is trying to have it both ways. Talking to most people, he claims he opposes Medicare for All. Yet when talking behind closed doors to MFA advocates, he says he is with them all the way,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “Michigan needs combat-tested leadership in the Senate like John James, not six-more years of someone who talks out of both sides of his mouth just so he can enjoy the perks of office until retirement.”

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Peters Profits: Treated To Travel In 40 Countries While In Congress

Gary Peters has traversed the planet on the taxpayer dime

Profiteering Gary Peters has traveled to so many countries on the taxpayer dime that he may be recognized by more people outside of the United States than he is in Michigan, where he currently serves as a U.S. Senator.

Recent polling showed that Peters was so unknown in his home state of Michigan that only 19% of voters said he deserved reelection.

Part of that reason may be that Peters has traveled in a whopping 40 countries while a Member of Congress. Peters took the trips even as one survey showed only half of Americans could afford a summer travel break last summer.

Here is the running list of Gary Peters’ travels— let’s get ready to scroll!

Czech Republic
United States
South Korea

** OK, take a break **

Saudi Arabia

** Almost there! **

Cote d'Ivoire
South Africa
Burkina Faso

** You made it! **

Information filed with the Congressional Record and Clerk of the House of Representatives shows that Profiteering Peters cost taxpayers at least $125,634.02.

Peters and his wife also took privately paid trips to the tune of $17,353.76.

“Gary Peters profits like no other. If there is a way to benefit himself, Gary does it,” said Michigan Republican Chairman Laura Cox. “Even when he had the chance to take a symbolic pay cut while his constituents face record unemployment, Gary refused. But he never refuses a few extra taxpayer dollars while serving Michigan in the Senate.”

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Whitmer Continues to Place Focus in Political Career

While thousands across Michigan are still struggling to receive benefits from the state or to hold onto their businesses, Governor Whitmer is cashing in on the COVID crisis by releasing a new line of political gear.

This morning in an email to supporters, Gretchen Whitmer shamelessly asked people to donate to her re-election campaign, which is more than two years away, even though Michiganders continue to struggle from the health and economic effects of COVID-19. Throughout the pandemic, Whitmer used her platform to raise her political profile, becoming a fixture on cable TV, late night talk shows, and in fashion magazines.

“Yet again, Governor Whitmer is putting her political career ahead of the best interests of the people of Michigan. And this time, she’s stuffing her campaign coffers while Michiganders suffer,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “The people of Michigan deserve solutions to this crisis, not campaign t-shirts and silly slogans.”

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Peters Travels The World As Half Of American Families Can’t Afford A Summer Vacation

Peters profits again, this time taking at least $125,000 of taxpayers’ money

Half of Americans could not afford to travel last year, but profiteering Gary Peters again found a way to benefit from his office by taking at least $125,000 in taxpayer-funded trips around the globe since joining Congress.

A 2019 survey by found that only half of the respondents were planning to take a summer break on their own dime. Why didn’t they plan to travel last year? Sixty-percent said they simply couldn’t afford it due to day-to-day bills and concerns about paying down debt. Even those planning to travel expected to spend an average of only $1,979. (There’s no word if Peters paid for any of his own travel escapades.)

Peters has traveled the globe as a Member of Congress in the House of Representatives and Senate. As listed in the Congressional Record, Gary Peters took trips to Asia, Europe, Central America and the Middle East.

Total cost to tax payers? $125,634.02 – enough money for one unemployed Michigan worker to receive a pandemic-maximum unemployment check for two-and-a-half years.

“Gary Peters profits like no other. If there is a way to benefit himself, Gary does it,” said Michigan Republican Chairman Laura Cox. “Even when he had the chance to take a symbolic pay cut while his constituents face record unemployment, Gary refused. But he never refuses a few extra taxpayer dollars while serving Michigan in the Senate.”

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MIGOP Applauds President Donald Trump’s Approval of Michigan Disaster Declaration

Rep. Moolenaar Secures 43 Million Dollars of Federal Funding to Aide With Midland’s Recovery

Yesterday evening, at the request of Congressman John Moolenaar who worked extensively with the White House to secure funding for the Great Lakes State, President Trump approved a major disaster declaration for Michigan. The $43 million in federal funding will aide those effected by the historic flooding in Midland – assisting with home repairs, loans for uninsured property losses, and other recovery efforts.

“I would like to express the Michigan Republican Party’s gratitude to Michigan’s Republican Congressional Delegation and to President Trump for stepping up to support the people of Midland. Throughout the past four years, President Trump has consistently stood by our state, and as the people of mid-Michigan begin the re-building, I know his support will ensure the region emerges stronger than ever.”

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Peters Doubles His Personal Wealth While In Washington

30-year politician Gary Peters may be bad at impressing voters but he is good at looking out for himself

30-year politician Gary Peters hasn’t made much of a name for himself with Michigan voters. But he sure has made himself wealthy.

Records provided by Congress show that Peters doubled his wealth while in Washington, D.C. According to his financial disclosurestatement, Peters’ wealth increased from $1,752,562 when he arrived in Congress to a whopping $3,864,093 in 2018.

While Peters has been very successful at getting rich while serving in elected office, he has not been as good at achieving enough for voters to believe he is worthy of their support.

Only 19% of Michigan voters said in a recent poll that Peters deserves to be reelected. A massive majority of 81% said either that it is time for someone new or that they were unsure.

This may be because when Peters does make news, it is clear he is serving himself:

  • Peters promised to hold China accountable but skipped hearings on the topic 89% of the time.
  • On at least on occasion, Peters made time for a campaign fundraiser at a “sexy” restaurant but did not make the time to attend the China hearings.
  • Michigan’s jobs and small businesses cratered after the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, but Gary Peters missed his chance to make them stronger when he skipped Congressional Small Business Committee hearings 43 times— including every single one in 2012.
  • And, as record unemployment hits his constituents, Peters is still double dipping by collecting a state pension and federal paycheck at the same time.
  • Peters even refused to take a pay cut despite knowing the economic pain his constituents are going through!

“If there is one thing Gary Peters is good at, it’s looking out for himself,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “Voters are ready for someone new to have a turn in the U.S. Senate and that is why John James will be there next January.”


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When Nursing Homes and Businesses Were Desperate, Whitmer Ignored Offers for Viable PPE

Yesterday, The Detroit Newsreported on the dire situation in nursing homes across the state of Michigan – shortages of gowns, face shields and masks, and poor staff and resident isolation policies. The reporting comes despite the fact that multiple companies have contacted Whitmer’s office and the state's procurement office with additional PPE and swabs to be distributed.

Testifying before the Joint Select Committee on the COVID-19 pandemic yesterday, Ken Williamson of Platinum Global Sourcing, and William Mathis of Med Source both said they reached out to the state, ready to offer up medical grade PPE but never heard back. These stories closely mirror that of Al Siblani of Envisiontec, who could produce hundreds of thousands of testing swabs, but never heard back from the state to take him up on his offer to help increase Michigan’s testing capacity. Siblani had been shipping swabs all across the country.

For months, Governor Whitmer criticized the Trump Administration’s response to COVID-19 in Michigan – even as going as far to lie about supplies being diverted from the state. While she joined cable TV show after cable TV show, viable PPE and testing supplies were ready to be put to use right in her own backyard.

“It’s no surprise that Gretchen Whitmer has yet again been caught red-handed, grossly mishandling the COVID-19 crisis in Michigan.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “The governor is willing to do anything or say anything to make herself look better – even if it comes at our detriment. Whitmer was willing to take PPE from the Kingdom of Jordan but couldn’t even accept offers from businesses in our state. She has botched this every step of the way.”


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Profiteering Peters Protects His Own Paycheck

In the middle of record unemployment, Gary Peters refuses to cut his own pay despite double dipping with state pension, Senate salary

Michigan citizens face record levels of unemployment and income losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but profiteering U.S. Senator Gary Peters sees no reason to slash his multiple government checks.

Peters double dips when it comes to taxpayer funding. He has collected about $250,000 from taxpayers in the form of a State of Michigan pension even though he is also vacuuming up $174,000 and other government perks from the United States Senate. (Source: Financial Disclosure Reports Database, Office of The Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives).

Peters refused to cut his own pay after being questioned by Detroit’s WXYZduring a virtual town hall meeting about the difficulties facing Michigan families during the COVID-19 pandemic, including historically high unemployment.

“While Michiganders struggle, Gary Peters refuses a pay cut despite profiting off of multiple government checks each month,” said Cox. “Peters skips committee hearings but never misses a government paycheck. That’s one more reason Michigan voters won’t miss him after November.”

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Peters: One Pension For Me, (N)one For You!

Profiteering Gary Peters doesn’t mind threatening other peoples’ pensions even as he collects a cool quarter million himself from the State of Michigan

LANSING, Mich., July 8, 2020Double dipping Gary Peters is profiting off the backs of taxpayers as he collects a State of Michigan pension while pulling down a U.S. Senate paycheck, but he doesn’t mind threatening other peoples’ pensions while he does.

Peters has vacuumed up about a quarter million dollars from the Michigan Legislative Retirement System as he collects $174,000 each year from his U.S. Senate salary. (Source: Financial Disclosure Reports Database, Office of The Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives).

Despite his own pension double-dipping during record high unemployment in Michigan, Peters has threatened the pensions of others many times during his 30-year political career:

  • Peters voted against Veterans Affairs appropriations legislation that funded veterans’ pensions. The bill then passed and became law. (Continuing Appropriations and Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2017H.R. 5325, Roll Call Vote #151: Passed 72-26, 9/28/16, Peters Voted Nay)
  • Peters supported the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan to help balance the federal budget by reducing military and federal pensions. Peters said in July 2012 that “Simpson-Bowles gives us that framework to do it [deal with the deficit]. And we need to take a look at that framework and move forward.” (YouTube, “2012 14th Congressional District Candidates Forum,” 7/1/12)
  • Peters said a pension fund that stood to lose millions in the 2009 Chrysler bankruptcy was wrong to resist the terms of the offer. “The creditors were given a good offer, the vast majority of those creditors took that offer, you've got now an Indiana pension fund that doesn't like the offer and they stand to lose about 4.8 million dollars if the offer goes through. However, it's uncertain they would recover that if they go into liquidation.” (Senator Gary Peters, “Congressman Peters On Bloomberg June 9, 2009,” YouTube, 6/09/09) Minutes 1:35-2:1)

“Double-dipping Gary Peters worked against peoples’ pensions but is taking one for himself, all while collecting a government paycheck in Washington,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “Peters has profited from his 30-year career in politics but now it is time to send him into retirement.”

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