In case you missed it: on Sunday the Detroit Free Press reported that Attorney General-elect Dana Nessel has already broken her promise to defend the women of Michigan.  Nessel has appointed her friend Michael Sareini as a key advisor on her transition team. Sareini is a Wayne County Democrat insider who was convicted of domestic violence and accused of assault and harassment by three family members.

In 2000, a judge issued a Personal Protection Order against Sareini when his ex-wife testified that the Dearborn city councilman had grabbed her by the throat and knocked her to the ground in a fit of rage.  In 2001, Sareini was actually sentenced for domestic violence. 

Nessel’s defense of the appointment? “It is neither fair nor appropriate to judge Mike or anyone else based on unsustained {sic} allegations made nearly 20 years ago.” Funny, Nessel didn’t think that last fall when she said Justice Brent Kavanaugh lacked “the moral fitness we should demand of anyone who aims to sit on our nation’s highest court” based on accusations brought up 30 years later without any complaint at the time of the alleged event, without evidence or substantiation. Sareini, however, was convicted.

On the eve of her being sworn in as our state’s top cop, it is clear: whether you are an exploited teen, a child who is the victim of a predator, or a woman in need, you can only count on Dana Nessel if she thinks it benefits her. The rest of Michigan's women are on their own.

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MRP Office in Traverse City Temporarily Closed

Due to Bomb Threat

LANSING, Mich., October 31, 2018 – This afternoon, the Michigan Republican Party Office in Traverse City was shut down temporarily after an unidentified individual entered the office and threatened to blow up the facility. After the threat, the individual fled. The Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Department rapidly responded and are currently sweeping the facility.

Please see the statement from MRP Chief of Staff Colleen Pero:

“This is the second time in the past week that an MRP office has been threated or vandalized. Democrats are waking up to the fact that their dreams of a blue wave are quickly evaporating, and now extremist activists are responding with intimidation and threats of violence. We thank the Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Department for their quick response and all that they are doing to ensure the safety of our employees and volunteers.”

Early last Friday the Michigan Republican Party Headquarters in Lansing was vandalized by two unknown individuals and Republican lawn signs across the state are also being defaced and stolen.  

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Hillary Clinton has apparently found Michigan. Clinton was notorious for ignoring our great state in the 2016 election. As a matter of fact, she has blown off Michigan for years. Now, she seems to think Michiganders will listen to her, and has endorsed Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Gretchen Whitmer. 

Hillary Clinton, in a recent interview with CNN, said, "You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. That's why I believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that's when civility can start again." She has also stated the time for civility is over. 

Clinton stated this week, "I'd like to be President." This would be her third run. In 2008, Clinton lost the primary to Barack Obama, rejected by her own party. And, as we all know, in 2016 lost the General Election to Donald Trump. Michigan voters have continuously rejected everything Hillary Clinton stands for, and now she wants us to back her support of Gretchen Whitmer?

With the election only a week away, it is time for Michiganders to send Hillary another clear message: we rejected her in 2016, let's do it again in 2018!

The race for Michigan's next governor is tightening with just days before the election. The momentum is clearly on the side of the Republicans, and is feeling much like to 2016 cycle when Michiganders turned their backs on Clinton and made their voices heard. 

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The Resistance Comes to Michigan

When Democrats go low, Republicans go to the polls.

Friday morning, we filed a vandalism report with Lansing Police after hundreds of dollars of damage was done to the MIGOP Party headquarters. This latest incident caps off a week of harassment by the Michigan Democrat Party (MDP) and their supporters against Michigan Republicans.

This week, MDP released an ad that displayed the social security numbers, in violation of the law, of Republican House candidate Christine Barnes and her ex-husband in an ad seen by at least 100,000 people, putting them both at risk for identity fraud.

On Wednesday, Mark Burton, a senior advisor for Gretchen Whitmer’s gubernatorial campaign, tweeted an anti-Semitic “joke” at Stu Sandler, a Jewish Republican consultant, as well John James, an African American U.S. Senate Candidate and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette, implying that they were Nazis. 

Congressman Tim Walberg’s campaign had numerous 4x4 yard signs stolen from homes across the 7thCongressional District.

To cap off the week, yesterday MIGOP employees arrived at headquarters to discover that our place of work had been vandalized with graffiti.

The ‘Blue Wave’ is rapidly evaporating and the resistance seems to be in full panic mode, resorting to mob tactics. They will leak a candidate’s social security number, call our candidates and consultants Nazis, and spray paint our headquarters in an attempt to intimidate our staff.

We will not be intimidated.  We will not back down.  We will continue to take our message of results not resistance to voters across Michigan. 

When Democrats go low, Republicans go to the polls.

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Democrats Stoop to New Low

Michigan Democrats Release Christine Barnes’ Social Security Number in Ad

LANSING, Mich., October 23, 2018 – The Michigan Republican Party (MRP) is calling upon Michigan Democrats to immediately cease and desist running an ad in the 71st House district in which the Michigan Democrat Party (MDP) revealed the Social Security numbers of State House candidate Christine Barnes and her former husband in violation of state and possibly federal law.

In addition to disclosing Ms. Barnes’ full Social Security number in the ad, MDP also featured documents in a public Dropbox which would allow criminals to piece together Ms. Barnes’ full Social Security number. These actions have put Barnes and her former husband at risk for identity theft and fraud.

“This is despicable,” said Ron Weiser, Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Weiser continued, “Christine Barnes is running for office to improve the lives of her fellow citizens, and the Michigan Democrat Party used all its resources to try to destroy hers. By releasing her Social Security number, they have broken the law and put Barnes’identity and credit at risk. I call upon MDP to immediately pull this ad and shut down the public Dropbox. Further,MDP owes Ms. Barnes an immediate apology.”

Ms. Barnes has filed a police report with the Michigan State Police. Under Michigan law MDP employees face the following criminal penalties for violation of the Michigan Social Security Act:

Those who publicly display with knowledge that the person's conduct violates this act is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than 93 days or a fine of not more than $1,000.00, or both. See MCL 445.86(1).

MDP is also civilly liable to Ms. Barnes under the following provision for violation of the Michigan Social Security Act:

(2) An individual may bring a civil action against a person who violates section 3 and may recover actual damages. If the person knowingly violates section 3, an individual may recover actual damages or $1,000.00, whichever is greater. If the person knowingly violates section 3, an individual may also recover reasonable attorney fees. Except for good cause, not later than 60 days before filing a civil action, an individual must make a written demand to the person for a violation of section 3 for the amount of his or her actual damages with reasonable documentation of the violation and the actual damages caused by the violation. This subsection does not apply to a person for conduct by an employee or agent of the person in violation of a privacy policy created pursuant to section 4 or in compliance with the fair credit reporting act, 15 USC 1681 to 1681v, or subtitle A of title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act, 15 USC 6801 to 6809, if the person has taken reasonable measures to enforce its policy and to correct and prevent the reoccurrence of any known violations.  See MCL 445.86(2).

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In case you missed it: Today the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) dumped $250,000 into the Proposition 2 support group “Voters Not Politicians,” further confirmation that Proposition 2 is nothing more than a cheap ploy by Democrats to gerrymander Michigan’s Constitution. The Democrats want to make Michigan’s electoral districts less about our communities and more about identity politics.

Remember to tell your friends, family, and neighbors, to vote ‘NO’ on Proposition 2 this November. It’s a scam.

Here is the press release from NRDC sent to Michigan media today:

NDRC Affiliate Invests in Michigan Redistricting Reform Effort

Washington, D.C. – Today, the National Redistricting Action Fund, the 501(c)(4) affiliate of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC), is announcing a $250,000 investment in Voters Not Politicians, the group behind a grassroots movement to create an independent citizens redistricting commission in Michigan. The citizens of Michigan will have the opportunity to vote on the reform this November.

Eric H. Holder, Jr., 82nd Attorney General of the United States and Chair of the NDRC, released the following statement:

“In Michigan, the current electoral system is unfair and is so rigged that politicians can now pick their voters, instead of allowing citizens to choose their representatives. Our governments are not supposed to work this way. This partisan gerrymandering leads to dysfunction, polarization, and the legitimate belief held by average Americans that, for them, our political system just does not work. Regardless of party affiliation, that’s not good for our democracy. Maps that are drawn by a truly independent commission will help put men and women into government who are more responsive to the people they are supposed to represent. Voters Not Politicians is proof that citizen-led movements can shape the fate of our democracy and that the people can take power back from politicians and truly control their destiny."

Michigan is one of NDRC’s Electoral Targets for 2018. The targets include the states that were the most badly gerrymandered by Republicans in 2011.

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Saying you support Israel is not enough: Hamas supporter Gilchrist must go!

LANSING, Mich., September 5, 2018 – The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser regarding tweets made by Democrat Lt. Governor candidate Garlin Gilchrist II in which Gilchrist legitimized the Palestinian Terrorist group Hamas. Hamas has been designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department since 1997. Hamas is an anti-Semitic Iranian-backed terrorist group responsible for the death of more than two dozen Americans whose stated purpose is the total destruction of Israel:

“The Iranian funded terrorist group known as Hamas has consistently been one of the greatest hurdles to Middle Eastern peace. The fact that Garlin Gilchrist II defended a terrorist organization that intentionally targets innocent women and children and that has killed more than two dozen American citizens disqualifies him from being our state’s next Lt. Governor. Gilchrist called Hamas ‘legitimate’ and blamed his own nation, the United States, for Hamas’ electoral success. Let me be clear: Hamas is not a political party that simply has an ‘extremist wing,’ as Gilchrist states. It is a terrorist organization that traffics in death and is funded by the enemies of the United States. The fact that these tweets escaped Gretchen Whitmer shows that she either did not properly vet Mr. Gilchrist, or that she simply doesn’t care. Her statement that she supports Israel is not enough. Whitmer owes it to the people of Michigan to remove Mr. Gilchrist as her running mate immediately.”

In addition to the Gilchrist tweets below the Michigan Republican Party has attached an educational piece prepared by AIPAC detailing Hamas atrocities.


To read the educational piece prepared by AIPAC detailing Hamas atrocities, click here.

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Who is the real Whitmer? Go to the tape.

Gretchen Whitmer desperately wants Michiganders to think she shares our state’s mainstream values, but the tapes don’t lie. Again, and again Whitmer has been caught on tape disparaging the Federal law enforcement officers who keep our borders safe. While attending a rally of progressives in Lansing, she said that we should abolish the law enforcement agency, ICE: the agency that protects our borders, stops human trafficking, prevents terrorism, and blocks illegal drugs from entering our country. And, while her running mate said that our law enforcement officers were threatening lives, Whitmer silently nodded her support in an effort to court the progressive vote. However, whenever she is confronted by the media on these extremist stances, Whitmer waffles.

How can Michigan trust someone willing to waffle on something as important as keeping our families safe? When it comes to enforcing our state and nation’s laws, Whitmer won’t.

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New Campaign ads violate state law by implying incumbency

LANSING, Mich., August 1, 2018 –Today the Michigan Republican Party notified Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon that Democratic frontrunner Gretchen Whitmer is currently breaking Michigan election law. The Whitmer for Governor campaign is running multiple ads in which Whitmer is referred to as “Governor,” implying incumbency. Under Michigan election law a false designation of incumbency is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500 and up to 90 days imprisonment in county jail.

“Gretchen Whitmer, a former prosecutor, seems to have a really poor grasp of Michigan law,” said Sarah Anderson Deputy Chief of Staff at the Michigan Republican Party. Anderson continued, “Whitmer and her allies are defending against multiple campaign finance and election law violations. Michigan needs a Governor who enforces state law, not someone who thinks she is above it. We trust that Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon will take action on this notification despite the fact that she co-hosted a Whitmer for Governor fundraiser on July 22, the proceeds of which may have paid for the ads in question.”

Whitmer’s ad specifically violates Section 944 of Act 116 of 1954 in Michigan Election law which states:

Any person who advertises or uses in any campaign material, including radio, television, newspapers, circulars, cards, or stationery, the words incumbent, re-elect, re-election, or otherwise indicates, represents, or gives the impression that a candidate for public office is the incumbent, when in fact the candidate is not the incumbent, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable as provided in section 934.

In regard to the punishment for the misdemeanor mentioned above section 934 states:

Any person who shall be found guilty of a misdemeanor under the provisions of this act shall, unless herein otherwise provided, be punished by a fine of not exceeding $500.00, or by imprisonment in the county jail for a term not exceeding 90 days, or both such fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the court.

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Whitmer Waffles on ICE Abolition
Newly released footage shows Whitmer calling for abolition of ICE

LANSING, Mich., July 25, 2018 –On Tuesday, Democrat candidate for Governor Gretchen Whitmer told a group of reporters that she opposes abolishing the Immigration and Customs enforcement agency (ICE). Whitmer stated "Just abolishing a department that is the face of the administration, doesn't fix the problem. I'm interested in solving problems, not just taking positions, not talking in buzz phrases, but solutions for people."

However, the Michigan Republican Party (MRP) has footage from a recent event in which Whitmer contradicts those statements, stating instead that ICE should be abolished. The footage is from June 30, 2018 at the "Families Belong Together" rally in Lansing. Many members of this group have openly called for the abolition of ICE. Whitmer attended the rally.

“Gretchen Whitmer will say anything to get elected,” said Sarah Anderson, MRP Deputy Chief of Staff. Anderson continued, “Whitmer says one thing when speaking to Progressives and something completely contradictory when speaking to the media and mainstream Democrat voters. Does she support abolishing ICE? Does she support sanctuary cities? Waffling Whitmer owes the people of Michigan an explanation. As she so aptly put it in the recent Democrat debate, you can’t be ‘half pregnant’ on issues.”

The footage of Whitmer’s support for the abolition of ICE can be found here.


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