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Cox Statement on Mueller Report Release

LANSING, Mich., April 18, 2019 – The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox regarding today’s release of the Mueller report.  

“After a two-year investigation in which over $35 million in taxpayer dollars was spent, today’s release once again shows that there was no collusion by the President or members of his staff. These baseless accusations were nothing more than partisan lies used by the Democrats and their media allies to try and discredit the President and his agenda.  It’s time for Democrats to give up this witch hunt, and start focusing on the real issues our nation faces.”    

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75% of Michiganders Oppose Whitmer Gas Tax

LANSING, Mich., April 17, 2019 – New polling released by the Marketing Resource Group shows that Governor Whitmer’s 45-Cent Gas Tax has stalled with Michigan voters.  According to the poll, 75-percent of likely voters oppose the Governor’s tax hike. That staggering number also includes a majority of Whitmer’s fellow Democrats (58-percent oppose).  The poll, which was conducted from April 9-13, surveyed 600 likely voters and also showed strong opposition to Whitmer’s plan amongst Republican (89 percent oppose) and Independent (78-percent oppose) voters.

Despite widespread outrage to the plan and Whitmer’s struggle to find support for it within the Democrat House and Senate caucuses, the Governor is threatening to shut down the State government if her plan is not passed. The Governor has also publicly stated that she is unwilling to negotiate on an alternative proposal unless her preconditions are met, including a massive $2.5 billion revenue increase. 

"Gas Tax Gretchen’s 45-Cent fuel tax is so ‘ridiculous’ that it has unified 75-percent of Michigan voters in opposition.” said Laura Cox Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued "Instead of saying ‘it’s my way, or no highways’ the Governor should abandon her ‘ridiculous’ highest in the nation tax plan. It’s time to sit down with Republicans to find a real way to ‘fix the damn roads’ without building them on the backs of Michigan families.”   

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Stevens Sells Out for $2000
Also receives support from Controversial Congresswoman Omar

LANSING, Mich., April 15, 2019 – Congresswoman Haley Stevens has released her first Federal Election Commission (FEC) report as a member of Congress and apparently, the cost of her vote for entrenched Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi was a mere $2,000. During her 2018 Congressional campaign, Stevens tried to distance herself form Pelosi whose polarizing progressive policies would be damaging. Stevens even told voters that she would vote for a new generation of leadership. In direct reference to Pelosi, who has led Congressional Democrats since 2003. However, in January Stevens cast her vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, and on March 31st received a $2,000 donation from Pelosi as her reward. 

In addition to her donation from Nancy Pelosi, Stevens also received a $1000 donation from Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who has received intense criticism for repeatedly making Anti-Semitic remarks. Last week, a video also surfaced of Omar downplaying the September 11th terrorist attacks as “somebody did something”.

"Congresswoman Haley Steven’s is for sale. First, she sold out and became Pelosi’s puppet for a mere $2,000. Then she sold out her own principles to progressive extremist Ilhan Omar for $1,000," said Laura Cox Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, "It's clear that Congresswoman Stevens is more concerned about playing ball in Washington and trying to get reelected, than she is about her promises to the people of Michigan."  

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In case you missed it, the Detroit News editorial board called out Attorney General Dana Nessel for her efforts to undermine Michigan laws that do not align with her radical liberal views. This directly contradicts our system of checks and balances and erodes the power of our elected legislators. Michigan’s “top cop” needs to enforce our state's laws, not try to make her own.

Nessel oversteps authority in axing laws
By the Detroit News Editorial Board

Dana Nessel has wasted no time in her first few months in office throwing out or undermining laws she doesn’t like. But she’s the attorney general, not the Legislature, and she is abusing her authority.

The three distinct branches of government exist for a reason, and as part of the executive branch, Nessel’s job is not to interfere with law-making. She’s supposed to enforce the laws.

Nessel can advise on the legality of legislation in the works, but she’s taken her role and her partisanship much further. Her activism is unprecedented in Michigan. 

There are several recent examples that demonstrate Nessel's disregard for legislative authority.

Last week, Nessel signed a settlement agreement with the ACLU in an adoption case that will likely lead to faith-based placement agencies getting out of this important service.

The ACLU sued the state in 2017 over its 2015 law that protects the religious freedom of adoption agencies if they choose not to place a child with a same-sex couple. Catholic and other faith-based agencies are some of the largest providers that contract with the state in finding homes for children in foster care.

Nessel, who is a lesbian and who has represented gay couples in high-profile cases, openly said she wouldn’t enforce the 2015 law, so this settlement is in line with her beliefs.

“This settlement violates the state law protecting religious adoption agencies,” stated Lori Windham, senior counsel at Becket, which intervened in the case on behalf of one of the adoption agencies.

Nessel should have let the lawsuit play out in the courts.

In another case, the attorney general recently issued guidance that Michigan’s sensible new A-F school grading law is in violation of federal education guidelines. In an attempt to skirt the framework, the state Department of Education asked Nessel for an opinion in January, and she obliged.

Now department officials have an excuse to further delay implementation.

Finally, Nessel is considering whether the state Civil Rights Commission was correct to expand the definition of groups protected from discrimination. Last year, the commission decided to include sexual orientation and gender identity, even though the state’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act doesn’t specify LGBTQ individuals.

The commission wants Nessel to review an opinion from former Attorney General Bill Schuette, who last year said the panel overstepped its bounds under the law. Nessel, of course, disagrees.

“There are probably going to be times when I just have a fundamental disagreement on the legal interpretation of a particular law, and I will tell you now, this is one of those times,” Nessel said.

There are valid reasons for expanding the civil rights law, but that must be tackled through the Legislature, which authored the act in the first place.

Republican lawmakers frustrated with Nessel’s actions don’t have much avenue for recourse, other than potentially messing with her budget. Pushback is most likely to come from impacted parties, such as the faith-based adoption agencies, in the courts.

In the meantime, Nessel should stay in her lane.

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Peters and Stabenow Vote “Present” on Green New Deal

LANSING, Mich., March 26, 2019 –  The $93 trillion Green New Deal was defeated in the United States Senate today when it failed to reach the 60 votes needed to advance. However, Michigan Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow refused to take a stand on the resolution with both voting “present”.  Their inaction resulted in the people of Michigan having no representation on a resolution that would destroy Michigan’s manufacturing and agricultural sectors if implemented.

The Green New Deal has also received criticism for even more outlandish proposals such as retrofitting/rebuilding every building in the United States to be carbon compliant, and replacing most air and auto travel with rail by 2030.

“When Michigan’s workers, farmers, and families needed their Senators to take a stand on this $93 trillion boondoggle, Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow chose to sit on the bench.” said Laura Cox Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Cox continued “By ducking the vote on the Green New Deal, Peters and Stabenow have denied the people of Michigan a say on a resolution that would destroy the state’s manufacturing and agricultural sectors if implemented.  This is further proof that the Democratic Party is moving towards state-run socialist schemes. Michiganders deserve a Senator who will stand up to these socialist, big government programs.” 

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MRP Statement on Patterson Press Conference

LANSING, Mich., March 26, 2019 –  The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox on L. Brooks Patterson’s announcement that he has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

“My prayers and the prayers of Republicans across our state go out to L. Brooks Patterson and his family during this difficult time. L. Brooks Patterson has devoted his life to serving the people of Oakland County and our state. For over 40 years, Brooks has given the people of Michigan the straight talk they deserve, and he has proven that he is a fighter. If there is one person who can beat this, it is L. Brooks Patterson.”

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In case you missed it, Nolan Finley of the Detroit News has laid out the case for why an investigation of the ties between Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign and the Obama Department of Justice is warranted. Those ties led to the false accusations that the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians and cost the American taxpayers over $25 million.

 Turn sights now to Clinton/DOJ collusion
By Nolan Finley, Detroit News

Democrats, devastated that the president of the United States did not collude or conspire with the Russians to steal the 2016 election, are vowing to press on with their witch-hunt until they see Donald Trump burning at the stake.

Setting aside Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's exoneration of the president on the collusion allegations and his failure to produce enough evidence to support obstruction of justice charges, the Democratic-controlled House intends to continue investigations of the Trump White House by every committee that can claim the slightest jurisdiction.

For the next 22 months, Democrats will be consumed with trying to get smoke out of the pop gun that is Mueller's report.

But they should be careful. That railroad has tracks running in both directions.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, began the Republican counteroffensive Monday by announcing he believes a second special prosecutor is warranted to investigate the shady beginnings of the collusion probe.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has for several months been probing possible abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by the Department of Justice and FBI to jump-start the probe of Trump and his 2016 campaign team.

As Graham notes, that ground looks very fertile. 

The FISA warrants enabled the wiretapping of campaign staff, and were justified by the infamous and unsubstantiated dossier assembled by ex-British Intelligence Officer Christopher Steele. Steele was paid by the political research firm GPS Fusion to work with the Russians to find dirt on Trump.

GPS Fusion, in turn, was paid by a law firm working for the Hillary Clinton campaign, which provided through back channels $5.6 million for the service. 

In a legal deposition, Steele described the work as "an insurance policy" to be used to challenge the validity of the election should Clinton lose.

The dossier was widely leaked to the media, and found its way to the Justice Department via a Fusion employee, Nellie Ohr, whose husband Bruce works for the DOJ. 

When it was taken to the FISA court, Steele's connections to the Clinton campaign weren't disclosed, nor were DOJ's own assessment that the document was unverified and likely not credible.

The eagerness of the FBI to run with the half-baked allegations was made clear from the extensive emails of agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, who wanted their own insurance policy against a Trump victory, and the congressional testimony of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. 

Mueller's appointment as special prosecutor was made necessary by McCabe's extreme anti-Trump bias. 

For two years, rumors and DOJ leaks, breathlessly and uncritically repeated by the media, have had Americans waiting for "the walls to close in" on Trump and his family. Democrats, disappointed by the outcome of Mueller's exhaustive investigation, will keep trying to force them together.

But now, the more promising route to a smoking gun is the compelling evidence that a politicized Obama Justice Department colluded with the Clinton campaign and a compliant press to subvert the results of a presidential election.

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Mueller Finds No Collusion or Obstruction

LANSING, Mich., March 24, 2019 –  The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox on today’s revelation that Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no collusion, or obstruction between the Trump campaign, and the Russian government, during the 2016 election.

“After two years and millions of wasted taxpayer dollars, the American people now know the truth, this was just a Democrat led witch hunt. There was no collusion with the Russian government and the President in no way obstructed justice. It’s time for Democrats to stop attacking the President and start working with him for the good of our nation.”     

The following are examples of how prominent Democrats have misled Americans about this investigation 


  • Blumenthal: “The Evidence Is Pretty Clear That There Was CollusionBetween The Trump Campaign And The Russians.” (MSNBC’S “All In,” 10/17/18)
  • Schiff: “Well, Look,There’s Clear Evidence Of An Attempt To Collude.” (CNN’s “The Situation Room” 12/14/17)
  • Wyden: “I Think There Was Clearly An Intent To Collude.”(CNN’s “Wolf,” 12/15/17)
  • Schiff: “I Think There`s Plenty Of Evidence Of Collusion.”(“CBS This Morning” 08/05/18)
  • Tom Perez:“Over The Course Of The Last Year, We Have Seen, I Think, A Mountain Of Evidence Of CollusionBetween The Campaign And The Russians.” (Fox’s “The Five,” 04/23/18)
  • Swalwell: “We Saw Strong Evidence Of Collusion…I Think That's Clear Collusion.” (CNN’s “Wolf,” 03/16/18)
  • Nadler: “…We Know There Was Collusion With People In The Campaign With Russians.”(MSNBC’s “All In,” 10/27/17)
  • Maxine Waters: “And I Am So Depending On Our Special Counsel Robert Mueller To Connect The Dots So That He Can Prove The Collusion.”(MSNBC’s “All In,” 08/04/18)
  • Nadler: “There Was Obviously A Lot Of Collusion.”(CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront,” 10/27/17)

“Impeachment,” “Watergate”

  • Schiff: “I Think, Of A Size And Scope Probably Beyond Watergate.”(ABC’s “This Week,” 05/27/18)
  • Blumenthal: “It May Well Produce Impeachment Proceedings.”(CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” 05/10/17)
  • Nadler: “I Think It Shows That Mueller Is In The Old Watergate Sense Following The Money.”(CNN’s “Erin Burnett Outfront,” 04/04/18)
  • Tom Perez: “On A Certain LevelThis Is Worse Than Watergate.” (Fox’s “Trish Regan Primetime,” 11/08/18)
  • Blumenthal: “It’s A Watergate Moment.”(CBS’ “This Morning,” 08/23/18)
  • Bernie Sanders: “Obviously, The Suggestion Is It Goes Back To Watergate.”(CNN’s “The Situation Room,” 05/10/17)
  • Wyden: “That Is AlmostA Watergate Level Effort To Interfere With An Ongoing Investigation.” (CNN’s “New Day,” 06/08/17)
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MRP Announces New Executive Director

LANSING, Mich., March 22, 2019 –  The Michigan Republican Party (MRP) announced today Michael Ambrosini as its new Executive Director. Ambrosini comes to MRP from Michael Best Strategies in Washington D.C., where he implemented comprehensive government relations and public affairs strategies.

Prior to his work in the private sector, Ambrosini served in the White House as Special Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of the Chief of Staff.  He also played an integral role on President Trump’s transition team. From 2014-2017, Ambrosini worked at the Republican National Committee as senior special assistant to Chairman Reince Priebus. Ambrosini is a graduate of the University of Maryland where he was named to the Primannum Honor Society and selected as an Associate in the CIVICUS program.

“Michigan will be key to President Trump’s reelection. It is vital that we have an Executive Director who has the experience, vision, and dedication to lead MRP forward into 2020,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued “Michael Ambrosini is such a leader. I am confident that, with his guidance, the Michigan Republican Party will have great successes in 2020 and beyond.”

“It is an incredible honor to be given the opportunity to execute Chairman Cox’s vision for the Michigan Republican Party,” said Ambrosini. He continued, “President Trump continues to accomplish amazing things for the people of Michigan and with their help, I am confident we will be successful in 2020.  I look forward to working with Chairman Cox and Michigan Republicans to help Republican candidates win up and down the ticket.”

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Stevens Tone Deaf to Democratic Socialism
Stevens Calls Ocasio-Cortez “Dynamic Rock Star”

LANSING, Mich., March 21, 2019 –  In a recent Time Magazine article, Michigan Democrat Congresswoman Haley Stevens expresses her praise for fellow freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling her a “dynamic rock star”. This praise comes despite the fact that Ocasio-Cortez’s signature policy goal, the $93 trillion Green New Deal, would destroy Michigan’s economy by decimating the states manufacturing and agricultural industries. 

In addition to its job-killing regulations, the Green New Deal would also strip away American’s right to choose their own health care. In Stevens district alone, 85% of constituents would lose their healthcare coverage, having it replaced with a government-run healthcare bureaucracy.  

Ocasio-Cortez has also received criticism for sending a fundraising appeal that said that pro-Israeli group AIPAC was, “coming for her”, after fellow Democrat Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib faced their own anti-Semitic scandals. Despite these type of incidents, Stevens said Ocasio-Cortez was simply, “Getting a lot of attention” and “Why is that a bad thing?”

“If Haley Steven’s thinks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a ‘rock star’, she must be tone deaf.”  said Laura Cox Michigan Republican Party Chairman “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a democratic-socialist whose radical agenda would destroy our economy and healthcare system. Michigan can’t afford Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist vision for our nation, or to have a Congresswoman who refuses to stand up to these extreme elements in her party.”


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