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Schumer To Pick Peters For Partisan Post

LANSING, Mich., January 20, 2021 – According to Axios, Senator Chuck Schumer intends to pick Michigan Senator Gary Peters to head up the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee for the coming 2022 election cycle. This position is a partisan appointment that will see Senator Peters head up the Democrat efforts to expand their position in the Senate.

“Senator Gary Peters already has trouble showing up for work, continually missing his committee assignments. Taking on this partisan position will only serve as a further distraction for him.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “I call on Senator Peters to turn down this partisan post and recommit himself to doing the job the people of Michigan elected him to do.”


ICYMI: $15 Minimum Wage Would Stifle Recovery

LANSING, Mich., January 19, 2021 – In case you missed it, an editorial in the Detroit News on Monday detailed the severe negative ramifications of raising the minimum wage to $15, which is a current proposal of incoming President Joe Biden.

The article cited proof that such a hike in the minimum wage would cause fewer jobs, stating “In 2014, Seattle passed a $15 minimum wage, and a study a few years later found that it had directly contributed to fewer hours for workers and a reduction of 5,000 low-wage jobs”. The article continued to show the pitfalls of such a policy, stating “a recent study by the Employment Policies Institute laid out how a $15 federal minimum wage would lead to a reduction of 2 million U.S. jobs by 2027.”.

“President-elect Biden has time and again shown his inability to comprehend the most basic economics. It is clear to anyone with a rudimentary understanding of finances that a $15 minimum wage will destroy jobs and businesses.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “To consider such a damaging policy at this time would stifle our economic recovery and prolong the suffering of Americans reeling from government shutdowns.”


Cox Statement On Whitmer Appointment To DNC Vice-Chair

LANSING, Mich., January 15, 2021 – The following statement is from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox, regarding Joe Biden choosing Governor Whitmer to serve as Vice-Chair of the DNC.

“The announcement of Governor Whitmer as DNC Vice-Chair shows the true motivations of her hyper partisan term as Governor of Michigan so far. For the Governor to try to advance her career while her shutdown policies are destroying the careers of thousands of Michiganders is one of the most tone-deaf decisions a politician could make. I call on Governor Whitmer to turn down this role and focus on restoring the livelihoods of the people of our state.”


Cox Statement On Continued Shutdown Of Michigan Restaurants

LANSING, Mich., January 13, 2021 – The following statement is from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox regarding Governor Whitmer’s continued closure of Michigan’s restaurants.

“Governor Whitmer’s restaurant shutdown is cruel and to extend it until February 1st imposes an undue hardship on thousands of business owners and employees across our state. Michiganders are tired of the excuses, they are tired of these shutdowns, and they are tired of having their pain and suffering ignored by Governor Whitmer. We can reopen restaurants safely and we must do it now.”


State Enters Phase 2 Of Vaccinations After Phase 1 Failed

LANSING, Mich., January 12, 2021 – Yesterday, the state entered Phase 2 of the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccination. This comes weeks after the state’s botched rollout of Phase 1, which they had months to prepare for but failed to do so. The second phase significantly expands the criteria for individuals who want to be vaccinated.

This pivot occurs as reports of mismanagement of the vaccination distribution run rampant. According to Chad Livengood of Crains Detroit Business, there are hundreds of thousands of doses of the vaccinations that have been distributed but not administered to Michiganders.

“I am happy to see the state loosen the restrictions they put in place on the COVID-19 vaccination. This should have been done from the get-go, and I am incredibly disappointed that the state did not prepare for this important endeavor.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “I pray that the preparation on Phase 2 is better than what we’ve seen with Phase 1, and that all Michiganders who are vulnerable and on the frontlines have access to the COVID-19 vaccine.”


Cox Statement On Ronna McDaniel's Re-Election

LANSING, Mich., January 8, 2021 – The following statement is from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox, regarding the re-election of Ronna McDaniel as RNC Chairman.

“I am thrilled that my good friend Ronna McDaniel was re-elected as Chairman of the RNC today. Under Ronna’s leadership, we have seen the greatest expansions of the GOP in our nation’s history. From record votes cast for Republicans to new inroads with diverse groups of voters, Ronna is poised to continue to expand upon these successes over the next 4 years, and I cannot wait to see where her leadership takes our party.”


Whitmer Mocks Catholic Devotional in Tweet

LANSING, Mich., January 6, 2021 – In a tweet posted by Governor Whitmer this morning, she displayed a catholic prayer candle which replaced the religious figure with Democrat Georgia activist Stacy Abrams. These candles are traditionally used by Catholics in prayer to ask for the intercession of a particular saint.



“As a Catholic, I am insulted that Governor Whitmer would mock such an important religious symbol to make a political statement.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “I wish I could say I expected more from Governor Whitmer, but unfortunately her term as Governor is rife with these type of political stunts, and poor attempts at humor. The Governor owes Michigan’s 2 million Catholics an apology.” 


Whitmer Veto Torpedo’s Unemployment Benefits

LANSING, Mich., January 5, 2021 – Governor Whitmer’s own unemployment agency is now confirming that she did veto an extension of unemployment benefits passed by the Republican-controlled legislature after she repeatedly denied she had done so.

According to Gongwer, Governor Whitmer’s unemployment agency “acknowledged Monday that individuals filing in 2021 for jobless benefits will only receive a maximum of 20 weeks of benefits because of the veto of $220 million from a supplemental bill.”. This comes as a significant change in messaging after Governor Whitmer insisted she had not vetoed unemployment benefits.

“Governor Whitmer’s decision to veto an extension of unemployment benefits for Michiganders struggling as a result of her lockdowns shows that she either doesn’t know what she is doing or doesn’t care about the people in our state.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “Either way, what is clear is that Governor Whitmer has yet again proven how unfit she is to serve as this state’s Governor, and the people of Michigan won’t forget her incompetence come 2022.”


Cox Statement On The Retirement Of Justice Markman

LANSING, Mich., December 29, 2020 – The following statement is from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox, regarding the retirement of Michigan Supreme Court Justice Stephen Markman, and the legacy he leaves behind.

“Justice Markman has been an incredible advocate for the rule of law and protector of the Michigan constitution. His retirement from the court will mark the end of an era, which saw his steady leadership fight for the rights of the people of Michigan for more than two decades. While his voice will be missed on the court, I am confident his legacy will carry on for years to come, for he has truly inspired a generation with his deep commitment and love for the law and the State of Michigan.”


Whitmer Vetoes Unemployment Extension

LANSING, Mich., December 29, 2020 – The following statement is from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox on Governor Gretchen Whitmer's decision to use her line-item veto power to block a provision which would have extended unemployment benefits for workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"First, Governor Whitmer put people out of work with her shutdown orders. Then, through her administration's incompetence, it became almost impossible for out-of-work Michiganders to receive unemployment benefits. Now, Whitmer has vetoed extending aid to workers even though her draconian shutdowns continue. Clearly, the 'science' Whitmer is following doesn't include basic economics, and Michigan families are paying the price."