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LANSING, Mich., March 15, 2019 –  The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox regarding President Trump’s upcoming rally in Grand Rapids. The rally will be held at Van Andel Arena on March 28th at 7 pm. Tickets can be acquired by clicking here.

“I am thrilled that President Trump is coming to Michigan. Under his leadership, Michigan families have seen their incomes go up and taxes go down, and our state is winning again. This visit is proof that the President is making Michigan a priority in 2020, and the Michigan Republican Party will do everything in our power to deliver our state’s 16 electoral votes to his reelection.” 


Nessel Turns Back on Michigan Farmers

LANSING, Mich., March 15, 2019 –  The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox regarding Attorney General Dana Nessel’s decision to withdraw Michigan from a Multi-State lawsuit filed against over-burdensome EPA regulations. The regulations were opposed by Nessel’s Republican predecessor due to the adverse effects they will have on Michigan farmers.

“Attorney General Dana Nessel’s decision to withdraw Michigan from the lawsuit seeking to limit federal overregulation, under the Waters of the United States rules, threatens our state’s second leading industry, and is a slap in the face to Michigan farmers. Nessel hides behind the cloak of the Great Lakes, but this lawsuit isn’t about the Great Lakes.  This lawsuit was designed to stop environmental extremists from regulating every mud puddle, on every farm in the state, which would drive up the cost to farm, eliminate jobs and raise food prices for everyone in our state.  This is Nessel’s own ‘Green New Deal’ for Michigan, and it is just as much a disaster as the one put forward by environmental extremists in Washington.”


Whitmer Backtracks Will Cost Rural Communities Jobs

LANSING, Mich., March 13, 2019 – Governor Gretchen Whitmer has halted the construction of a new $115 Million psychiatric facility in Caro. That facility would have replaced the current hospital which has been operating since 1914, and is the second largest employer in Tuscola county with 300 employees. The hospital, which is just one of five state psychiatric hospitals, serves over 150 patients and their families.

The replacement plan had been previously approved by the legislature and Governor Snyder in 2017. The Governor's office had no immediate comment on her actions that could kill hundreds of jobs. Republicans in the State legislature are looking into the legality of Whitmer’s actions, as the new hospital and its site location were drafted into last session’s state budget.

This action comes just weeks after Governor Whitmer overturned a different existing agreement that will have a devastating impact on another Michigan community. In February, Governor Whitmer torpedoed the sale of the former Deerfield Correctional Center to Immigration Centers of America--a move that will cost Ionia County 250 jobs.

"Yet again, Governor Whitmer is draining the economic lifeblood out of a rural Michigan Community,” said Laura Cox Michigan Republican Chairman. "Governor Whitmer campaigned on better jobs for Michigan families. Apparently, that promise doesn’t apply if you live in rural counties like Tuscola or Ionia. My heart goes out to the families and communities that will be affected by the Governor’s reckless backtrack on these existing agreements.”


In Case You Missed it: Promises Made, Promises Kept

In case you missed it, a great op-ed was published today in The Detroit News, written by the Michigan Republican Party Chairman, Laura Cox. The op-ed highlights the enormous impact President Trump’s leadership has had on the state of Michigan, and how Michigan’s citizens have benefitted. The entire op-ed is below:

Laura Cox – Michigan Republican Party Chairman

When President Donald Trump makes a promise, he keeps it — and his pledge to restore jobs and vitality in Michigan has been no exception.

Just two weeks ago, Chrysler announced $4.5 billion in new investment in our state, an investment that brings with it a new assembly plant in Detroit and the creation of 6,500 new jobs.

It’s results like these that have led to the president’s popularity within our state and across the Midwest. In fact, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that President Trump currently holds a healthy lead in key battleground states over a generic Democrat opponent — a clear testament to the economic renaissance his policies have brought about.  

“(President) Trump cumulatively leads a generic Democratic opponent, 46 percent to 40 percent, in four Midwestern states he carried in 2016 — Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin — along with Pennsylvania, which borders the Midwest,” the publication noted in a recent report.

Those who doubt Donald Trump’s chances of winning re-election in 2020 are missing the bigger picture. For more than two years, the President has implemented a slew of economic policies that have directly benefited the crucial swing states that sent him to the White House in the first place, bringing prosperity and jobs back to middle America.

Thanks to President Trump’s tax cuts, America’s middle class has been unleashed, creating a wave of economic expansion across the country. Similarly, the President has revitalized formerly dormant industries such as manufacturing by protecting U.S. workers from unfair trade deals and making it easier for companies to invest in America’s future.

Michigan’s economy has been booming as a result of all of these initiatives, registering a 4 percent unemployment rate in December — almost a full percentage point lower than when President Trump took office — and the surge of new jobs is likely to continue.

In November, economists at the University of Michigan predicted that the state will add 35,800 jobs in 2019, and another 39,300 jobs in 2020, reducing the state’s unemployment rate even further.

“Michigan’s sustained recovery will help the state’s unemployment rate creep down from an average 4.4 percent this year to 3.9 percent in 2019 and 3.8 percent in 2020,” the forecasters observed.

Over just the first three quarters of 2018, the report found that Michigan added 11,100 construction jobs, 7,400 health services jobs, and 6,900 manufacturing jobs. By 2020, Michigan is expected to gain an additional 8,300 jobs in the construction industry, along with 5,500 new manufacturing jobs.

Before he was elected in 2016, Donald Trump promised to implement an economic agenda that would restore prosperity to Michigan and put American workers first. That’s exactly what the President has done, and the results have been everything he said they would be.

President Trump has delivered for the people of Michigan, and the latest polling suggests they’ll return the favor at the ballot box in 2020. 

Laura Cox is the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party.


Michigan House Republicans Say, “No Deal” to Green New Deal

LANSING, Mich., March 13, 2019 –  Today, Republicans in the House Energy Committee voted unanimously to approve a resolution introduced by State Representative Matt Hall, that opposes the Democrat, ‘Green New Deal’. The federal resolution has come under increasing criticism due to the fact it would add an estimated $93 trillion in federal spending over 10 years, and would add new Federal regulations that would be devastating to both Michigan’s agricultural and manufacturing industries. All seven Democrats on the committee opposed Hall’s resolution.   

“The ‘Green New Deal’ is a raw deal for Michigan families,” said Representative Matt Hall (R-HD-63). Hall continued, “Michigan families cannot afford the $600,000 per household in taxes the Green New Deal is expected to cost. Worse, they can’t afford the job-killing regulations that this bill imposes on Michigan’s manufacturing and agricultural industries. The job of the Michigan legislature is to stand up for Michigan families, not partisan progressive promises.”

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox added, “Michigan families work too hard to have their money taken to fund the progressive fantasyland that is the ‘Green New Deal’. I am proud that today Republicans in the State House showed that they are fighting for Michigan families by saying ‘No Deal’ to the ‘Green New Deal’.”

The House Energy Committee voted as follows:


Joseph Bellino (R) Committee Chair, 17th District
Pauline Wendzel (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 79th District
Julie Alexander (R) 64th District
Ben Frederick (R) 85th District
James Lower (R) 70th District
Graham Filler (R) 93rd District
Gregory Markkanen (R) 110th District
Mike Mueller (R) 51st District
Jack O'Malley (R) 101st District


Donna Lasinski (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 52nd District
Tim Sneller (D) 50th District
Tyrone Carter (D) 6th District
Jim Haadsma (D) 62nd District
Padma Kuppa (D) 41st District
Mari Manoogian (D) 40th District
Nate Shannon (D) 25th District



Hoadley to West Michigan Small Businesses “Pay Up!”

LANSING, Mich., March 08, 2019 –  Last night on Fox 2’s “Let it Rip” State Representative Jon Hoadley gave an impassioned full-throated defense of Governor Whitmer’s 41% Small Business tax hike. This defense came despite the fact that similar policies under the Granholm Administration led to massive job loses, and small business closures during Michigan’s lost decade.

In the interview, Hoadley pointed to two of the nation’s largest S-corporations to make his point; however, these businesses are the exception and not the rule. According to IRS data, S-Corporations in the United States average just $53,846 in profits per year. In Michigan, over 150,000 small businesses classify themselves as S-Corporations or as limited liability corporations, which are also effected by the increase.

“Jon Hoadley knows that this 41% tax increase will hurt over 150,000 small businesses, thousands of which are located in Southwest Michigan.” said Laura Cox Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, “He knows that the average S-Corporation makes just $55,000 a year in profits. Worse, he knows that this 41% small business tax increase is simply a gift from Democrats to supporters who are government retirees. Jon Hoadley should be ashamed.”



Whitmer Defends Lie with Another Lie

LANSING, Mich., March 07, 2019 –  Since announcing her highly controversial 45-cent gas tax hike, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has repeatedly told the people of Michigan that she was not aware of the severity of Michigan’s road issues; thus, necessitating the tax hike. She has also claimed that her lack of knowledge on the issue is the reason why she called Bill Schuette’s allegation that she would raise the fuel tax by 20-cents “ridiculous”. However, throughout the 2018 campaign, Whitmer repeatedly alluded to the fact that fixing Michigan’s roads would take at least $2 billion in state funding, and often claimed that with federal funding she would spend $3 billion in her first year on roads.

“Governor Whitmer’s defense that she didn’t know the severity of Michigan’s road issues is ridiculous,” said Laura Cox Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, “Clearly by her past statements Whitmer knew the price tag for her plan. She either lied about raising the gas taxes 20-cents plus, or lied about having a plan to fund ‘fixing the damn roads’. Either way, it’s Governor Whitmer’s record on telling the truth that is truly damning.”

The following are examples of when Governor Whitmer outlined her road spending proposals prior to becoming Governor:



Whitmer Budget Built on Broken Promises

LANSING, Mich., March 5, 2019 The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox regarding Governor Whitmer’s Proposed budget.

“Governor Whitmer pledged to ‘Build a Better Michigan’. Apparently, that construction is being done with broken promises. Last November, Michigan voters took the Governor at her word when she said that a 20-cent gas increase was ‘ridiculous’. Today, she has proposed a 45-cent increase. This would make Michigan’s gas tax the highest in U.S. history and cripple our economy. This, along with the Governor's 41% tax increase on over 100,000 small businesses, would massively affect the cost of living in the state. While our roads may improve, they would simply end up as well paved pathways for jobs and people to leave Michigan. 


Cox response to Whitmer Road Tax Hike

LANSING, Mich., March 4, 2019 The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Chair Laura Cox on Governor Whitmer’s proposed 45 cent per gallon gas tax. 

“Governor Whitmer promised that she would ‘fix the damn roads’ instead she is proposing a $2 billion tax increase that will break many Michiganders budgets. This comes just 4 years after Michiganders rejected a similar proposal by an 80/20 vote.  The people of Michigan deserve real solutions on this critical issue, not a tax and spend solution which places the burden on the states overtaxed families.”    


Radical Rashida Strikes Again

LANSING, Mich., February 28, 2019–  The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox regarding yesterday’s incident in which Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib broke with long-standing house decorum by insinuating that fellow Congressman Mark Meadows was a racist during public congressional hearings. This is not the first time Tlaib has gotten herself into hot water during her short tenure. On her first day in the House, Tlaib drew criticism for calling the President a “Mother***er” and her support of anti-Semitic groups has stirred controversy regarding her fitness for office.

“Yesterday in a blatant attempt to silence a political opponent, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib made baseless accusations of racism against a fellow member of Congress. This shameful and slanderous act is sadly another example of how Congresswoman Tlaib would rather impress democratic socialist radicals with inflammatory rhetoric, rather than get something done for the people of Michigan. It’s time that Rashida Tlaib realize that she is now servant of the people and no longer a professional progressive bomb thrower.”