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In Case You Missed It: Peters & Stabenow vote against saving lives of newborns

In case you missed it, earlier this week Michigan Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow joined with the most extreme elements of their Democratic party to deny a vote on the "Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act". This bill would have required abortion clinics to provide medical care to infants who are born during the abortion procedure. This recent position from the Democratic party is truly terrifying. The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox on this vital issue.

“By voting to kill the ‘Born-Alive Abortions Survivors Protection Act’, Senators Peters and Stabenow have sided with extremists over common sense. This radical position does not represent the values of the people of Michigan in the U.S. Senate and I will work to elect a Senator in 2020 who will.”


4.5 Billion More Reasons to Oppose Dems Green New Deal
Fiat-Chrysler Announces Major Investment in Michigan Manufacturing

LANSING, Mich., February 28, 2019–  The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox regarding Fiat-Chrysler’s announcement that the company will be investing $4.5 billion in manufacturing within Michigan. It is estimated that this investment will lead to 6,500 new jobs within the state.

 “Fiat Chrysler’s announcement that they will be investing $4.5 billion in Michigan is proof that under President Trump’s leadership American manufacturing is back. Thanks to the President’s economic vision 6,500 Michiganders will soon be working again, building full-size SUVs and electric hybrids that will move our state and nation forward. However, if Democrats get their way many of these new jobs will not exist.  Under the Democrats “Green New Deal” the production of nearly all these vehicles would be eliminated. Clearly, this announcement provides 4.5 billion more reasons why Michiganders should oppose the Democrats extremist agenda.

While the coastal elites and environmental extremists who run the Democrat Party continue to be focused on destroying our economy, President Trump and Republicans are fighting to create high paying manufacturing jobs here in Michigan and across our nation.  We are proud that Fiat-Chrysler shares our vision to make American manufacturing great again.” 


The Big Green Steal
Democrat Plan Could Cost Taxpayers $93 Trillion

Yesterday, the American Action Forum released its estimate for the total cost for the Democrats proposed “Green New Deal,” will apparently take mountains of green to fund. According to the non-profit group, led by former Congressional Budget office Chief Douglas Holtz-Eakin, the proposal which is cosponsored by Michigan Democrats Andy Levin and Rashida Tlaib could cost American taxpayers $93 trillion or $600,000 per household over its first ten years. While Republicans do not support the plan, Republican Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell has pledged to give the bill a fair vote up or down vote in the Senate.

“The Green new deal is the latest example of the extremism of the Democrat Party,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman. Cox continued, “This $93 trillion boondoggle would bankrupt our economy and put a bullseye on Michigan’s two largest industries, manufacturing and agriculture, all in the name of environmental and economic extremism. This ‘big green steal’ would kill countless Michigan jobs, raise our taxes and cripple our state’s economy. The coastal elites who run the Democrat Party have clearly stopped listening to or caring about American workers if they work in a factory or on a farm.  Democrats are smoking something green if they think that the American people or the people of Michigan will support this insanity.”

Much of the plan’s $93 trillion cost reads as a Progressive wish list, including massive subsidies for green energy, universal health care, and for those “unwilling to work”. The plan would also rebuild or retrofit every building in the United States to be Carbon neutral by 2030. 



Democrat Andy Levin Supports Job Killing ‘Green New Deal’
Where do Slotkin and Stevens Stand?

LANSING, Mich., February 07, 2019–  Today, Congressman Andy Levin (D-MI 09) stood with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY 14) as she announced her proposal for a “Green New Deal.” The resolution would commit the United States to reducing Green House gas emissions to net zero by 2029, require the retrofitting or rebuilding of every building in the nation, radically alter American travel, and ban forms of energy which make up 83% of our electrical grid. Additionally, the “Green New Deal” promises, in the FAQs section, “economic security for those who are…unwilling to work.” These proposals would cripple the US economy and destroy Michigan’s manufacturing and agriculture industries. 

With Levin’s unexpected support, many Michiganders are wondering: where do the rest of the Michigan Democrats stand on the “Green New Deal,” especially fellow freshmen Congresswomen Haley Stevens and Elissa Slotkin?

“For people who are supposedly fighting Global Climate Change, Levin and Ocasio-Cortez offered nothing today but hot air,” said Tony Zammit, Michigan Republican Party Spokesperson. “Make no mistake, you can’t support the ‘Green New Deal’ and Michigan jobs. Stevens and Slotkin need to make clear who they stand with.  Do Slotkin and Stevens stand with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her radical agenda, or the people of Michigan?”



Illegal Contributions, Campaign Collusion, and Criminal Immunity
How Gretchen Whitmer Broke Michigan Campaign Finance Law and Got Away With it

LANSING, Mich., February 12, 2019–  The following is a research briefing from the Michigan Republican Party outlining the knowing and intentional violation of Michigan campaign finance law by Gretchen Whitmer, her campaign “Whitmer for Governor,” and her dark money special interest group “Build A Better Michigan.”  These violations could have resulted in a multi-million dollar fine and possible jail time for many involved. In addition, our research shows that there was not only collusion between the organizations, but that they shared the same paid staff. In a backroom settlement, Whitmer and her co-conspirators were fined less than 2 percent of their illegal political expenditures and granted immunity from criminal prosecution.   

Whitmer cheated, and despite her campaign promises to be “more open, transparent and accountable to Michigan taxpayers” in order to “infuse integrity in governance and earn back public confidence,” Whitmer has started her service as Michigan’s governor under a cloud of corruption.  


Secretary Of State Benson Ruled That Governor Whitmer And Build A Better Michigan Violated Michigan Campaign Finance Law.

Secretary Of State Benson Ruled That Gretchen Whitmer And Build A Better Michigan Violated Michigan Campaign Finance Law By Coordinating Political Ads That Expressly Advocate Her Candidacy.

(Jocelyn Benson, Letter To Build A Better Michigan And Whitmer For Governor, 2/5/19)

SOS Benson Signed A Conciliation Agreement Allowing Build a Better Michigan To Pay A Insignificant Fine And Absolving Whitmer From Paying Any Penalties For Her Violations Of Campaign Finance Laws.


Through Coordination With Build A Better Michigan On Express Advocacy Ads, Whitmer Accepted Millions In Illegal In-Kind Campaign Contributions

Whitmer Received Millions In Illegal Campaign Contributions, Funneled Through Build A Better Michigan:

Whitmer Received More Than $2.4 Million Dollars in Illegal Campaign Contributions Through Ads Run By Build A Better Michigan. “Build a Better Michigan spent more than $2.4 million in 2018 and ran a series of pro-Whitmer television ads that it described as a form of ‘issue advocacy’ traditionally exempt from the Michigan Campaign Finance Act.” (Jonathan Oosting, “Benson: Pro-Whitmer Ads Violated Campaign Finance Law,” The Detroit News, 2/8/19)

Build A Better Michigan Received Numerous Labor Union and Corporate Contributions, All Illegally Spent Through Coordination With The Whitmer Campaign. “The United Auto Workers and the Teamster’s DRIVE committee each contributed $250,000, according to the Internal Revenue Service report. Michigan Laborers District Council kicked in $151,000 and the Regional Council of Carpenters $150,000.” (Jonathan Oosting, “Group Reveals Donors Behind Whitmer Ad Campaign,” The Detroit News, 7/23/18)

  •  “The Livonia-based Cochran, Kroll and Associations law firm gave $20,000, Haas & Goldstein of Farmington Hills gave $10,000 and Sakthi Automotive Group USA gave $5,000.” (Jonathan Oosting, “Group Reveals Donors Behind Whitmer Ad Campaign,” The Detroit News, 7/23/18)

According To Analysis Of Build A Better Michigan’s IRS Tax Forms, Build A Better Michigan’s Average Donation Exceeded $53,000. Individual Donor Limits In Michigan Are $6,800 Per Cycle. (Build A Better Michigan, IRS Tax Forms, Accessed 2/11/19)

Build A Better Michigan Also Accepted Individual Contributions Which Far Exceeded Campaign Contribution Limits, All Spent Illegally In Coordination With Whitmer’s Campaign. “The disclosure report shows Ann Arbor attorney Mark Bernstein, who is helping Whitmer vet potential running mates, gave $32,000 to Build a Better Michigan. Bell’s Brewery owner Larry Bell of Kalamazoo contributed $10,000.” (Jonathan Oosting, “Group Reveals Donors Behind Whitmer Ad Campaign,” The Detroit News, 7/23/18)

Benson’s Own Findings Confirm That These Funds Were Illegally Spent Through Coordination And Used Illegally For Ads Supporting Whitmer’s Campaign. “Build a Better Michigan spent more than $2.4 million in 2018 and ran a series of pro-Whitmer television ads that it described as a form of ‘issue advocacy’ traditionally exempt from the Michigan Campaign Finance Act. But some of those ads violated the law by identifying Whitmer as a ‘candidate for governor,’ Benson said in a letter to attorneys for Build a Better Michigan and Whitmer’s campaign.’ Benson also ruled that the group's spending could not be considered an “independent expenditure” because of apparent coordination with Whitmer’s campaign. ‘The fact that BBM obtained video and audio of the candidate speaking directly to the camera from a predetermined script is sufficient to indicate that coordination occurred,” the secretary of state wrote. The interpretation, as applied to specific facts of this case, is ‘necessary to set an important and clear precedent that furthers and promotes transparency in our elections,’ Benson said. Michigan law states that issue advocacy cannot include phrases like ‘Smith for governor.’  Inserting the word ‘candidate’ between Whitmer's name and those words is ‘indistinguishable,’ Benson said. ‘Both phrases constitute express advocacy.’” (Jonathan Oosting, “Benson: Pro-Whitmer Ads Violated Campaign Finance Law,” The Detroit News, 2/8/19)


By Violating Campaign Finance Laws, Whitmer Could Have Been Held Accountable For Misdemeanors, Felonies, And Thousands Of Dollars In Fines

By Ruling BBM And Whitmer Coordinated In These Ads, Benson Could Have Held Whitmer Accountable For The Following Crimes And Fines:

Based On Benson’s Ruling, Whitmer Knowingly Received Excessive Illegal In-Kind Contributions Through The Coordinated Express Advocacy Ads, Which Violated The Michigan Campaign Finance Act.

  •  The Whitmer Campaign Violated Section 33 Of The Campaign Finance Act by Failing To Report The In-Kind Contributions Associated With The Ads. The Penalty For Violating Section 33 Could Have Led To Thousands Of Dollars In Fines, A Misdemeanor, And Imprisonment Up To 90 Days. A Prosecutor May Also Prohibit That Candidate From Assuming The Duties Of Public Office. (Michigan Campaign Finance Act, Section 33, 1976)
  •  The Whitmer Campaign Violated Administrative Rule 35 By Knowingly Accepting An In-Kind Corporate Contribution, Amounting In A Civil Fine Of No More Than $1,000. (
  •  The Whitmer Campaign Violated Section 52 Of The Campaign Finance Act By Knowingly Receiving An In-Kind Contribution In Excess of Contribution Limits. This Is Punishable By A Fine Of No More Than $1,000 And/Or Imprisonment Of 90 Days. (Michigan Campaign Finance Act, Section 52, 1976)

Benson’s Ruling Also Finds That, Through The Coordinated Express Advocacy Ads Funded By Illegal Corporate And Union Contributions, Whitmer Also Violated The MCFA.

  •  The Whitmer Campaign Violated Section 54 Of The Campaign Finance Act By Illegally Using Corporate And/Or Labor Union Contributions. This Is A Felony Punishable By A Fine No More Than $5,000 And/Or Imprisonment Up To Three Years. (Michigan Campaign Finance Act, Section 54, 1976)
  •  The Whitmer Campaign Violated Section 24 Of The MCFA By Failing To File A Statement Of Organization. This Is A Misdemeanor Punishable By A Fine Up To $1,000. (Michigan Campaign Finance Act, Section 24, 1976)
  •  The Whitmer Campaign Violated Section 47 Of The MCFA By Failing To Include The Phrases “With Regulated Funds” And “Authorized By Gretchen Whitmer For Governor” On The Ads. This Is Misdemeanor Punishable By A Fine Of No More Than $1,000 And/Or Imprisonment Up To 93 Days. (Michigan Campaign Finance Act, Section 47, 1976)


Based On Established Precedent, Whitmer/BBM Should Have Been Fined Millions Of Dollars, But SOS Benson Fined Whitmer/BBM Only 2 Percent Of What Was Spent On Her Campaign Ads, All Paid For By BBM’s Illegal Corporate/Union Funds:

“As Part Of A ‘Conciliation Agreement’ With Michigan Director Of Elections Sally Williams And The Whitmer Campaign, Build A Better Michigan Agreed To Pay The $37,500 Settlement To The State Within 60 Days.” (Jonathan Oosting, “Benson: Pro-Whitmer Ads Violated Campaign Finance Law,” The Detroit News, 2/8/19)

In 2016, A Similar Violation Saw The Respondents Agreed To Pay 100% Of What It Spent. “In 2016, a GOP group called the Michigan Jobs and Labor Foundation agreed to pay a $17,696 fine two years after running two so-called issue ads featuring Sens. Dale Zorn and Ken Horn that included “for State Senate" graphic. The group called it a mistake by a vendor, pulled the ads off the air and self-reported the matter to the state. The Republican group was fined the same amount it had illegally spent,but Build a Better Michigan will only pay a small fraction of its total spending, said Tony Daunt of the Michigan Freedom Fund.” (Jonathan Oosting, “Benson: Pro-Whitmer Ads Violated Campaign Finance Law,” The Detroit News, 2/8/19)


SOS Benson Allowed Gov. Whitmer To Walk Free, Allowing BBM To Pay Her Paltry Fine And Granting Her Immunity For Her Campaign Finance Crimes

Secretary Of State Benson’s “Agreement” Allowed For BBM To Pay The 2% Fine:

Benson’s Conciliatory Agreement Allowed BBM To Pay The Fine, While Whitmer Is Not Required To Pay Any Penalty.

(Secretary Of State Benson, Conciliation Agreement With Build A Better Michigan And Gretchen Whitmer For Governor, 2/7/19)

Furthermore, Benson’s Deal Gives Whitmer Immunity From Any Other Fines Or Criminal Penalties.

(Secretary Of State Benson, Conciliation Agreement With Build A Better Michigan And Gretchen Whitmer For Governor, 2/7/19)



Whitmer Whiffs
Governor light on Details, Heavy on Spending

LANSING, Mich., February 12, 2019–  The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser on Governor Whitmer’s State of the State address delivered tonight before a joint session of the state legislature:

“During the ‘Lost Decade,’ Michigan learned the hard way that we can’t spend our way to prosperity. Due to the poor economic decisions of a previous Democrat Governor, Michigan’s unemployment rate led the nation and tens of thousands fled our state to find opportunity elsewhere. Tonight, Governor Whitmer pledged her administration to the same failed agenda: laying out billions in new government spending without any plan to pay for it. These pie in the sky ideas will result in higher taxes, smaller paychecks, and cost of living increases for Michigan families.

“As for details on her plan to fix the “damn roads,” the Governor was silent, proving there is no real plan behind the catchphrase.  New Democrat Governor, same failed Democrat agenda.”


Benson’s Sweetheart Settlement Grants Governor Criminal Immunity

LANSING, Mich., February 14, 2019–  The following is a statement from Michigan Republican Party Legal Counsel Michael J. Pattwell explaining the legal ramifications of Jocelyn Benson’s sweetheart settlement with Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The settlement has come under fire for allowing Whitmer and her allies to pay a 2% fine on campaign violations which amounted to millions of dollars in illegal spending. In addition to fines, Whitmer and her allies also faced possible criminal charges for which they have been granted legal immunity from by Benson. 

“Build a Better Michigan illegally expended over $2,000,000 of corporate and union funds to expressly advocate for Gretchen Whitmer’s candidacy. The coordinated effort marked one of the largest illegal political expenditures observed in Michigan history. Under Michigan campaign finance law, making illegal corporate/union contributions and/or evading contribution limits subjects violators to criminal prosecution and potentially millions in fines.

“For violations such as this, the past practice of the SOS’s office was to levy a fine equal to the amount of the illegal expenditure. However, in this case, Benson elected to impose a fine of less than 2% of the illegal expenditure and grant immunity from criminal prosecution to Whitmer and the special interest group.

“Benson’s sweetheart settlement marks such a drastic departure from established precedent so as to undermine the efficacy of the campaign finance requirements she swore an oath to uphold.”


In case you missed it: on Sunday the Detroit Free Press reported that Attorney General-elect Dana Nessel has already broken her promise to defend the women of Michigan.  Nessel has appointed her friend Michael Sareini as a key advisor on her transition team. Sareini is a Wayne County Democrat insider who was convicted of domestic violence and accused of assault and harassment by three family members.

In 2000, a judge issued a Personal Protection Order against Sareini when his ex-wife testified that the Dearborn city councilman had grabbed her by the throat and knocked her to the ground in a fit of rage.  In 2001, Sareini was actually sentenced for domestic violence. 

Nessel’s defense of the appointment? “It is neither fair nor appropriate to judge Mike or anyone else based on unsustained {sic} allegations made nearly 20 years ago.” Funny, Nessel didn’t think that last fall when she said Justice Brent Kavanaugh lacked “the moral fitness we should demand of anyone who aims to sit on our nation’s highest court” based on accusations brought up 30 years later without any complaint at the time of the alleged event, without evidence or substantiation. Sareini, however, was convicted.

On the eve of her being sworn in as our state’s top cop, it is clear: whether you are an exploited teen, a child who is the victim of a predator, or a woman in need, you can only count on Dana Nessel if she thinks it benefits her. The rest of Michigan's women are on their own.


MRP Office in Traverse City Temporarily Closed

Due to Bomb Threat

LANSING, Mich., October 31, 2018 – This afternoon, the Michigan Republican Party Office in Traverse City was shut down temporarily after an unidentified individual entered the office and threatened to blow up the facility. After the threat, the individual fled. The Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Department rapidly responded and are currently sweeping the facility.

Please see the statement from MRP Chief of Staff Colleen Pero:

“This is the second time in the past week that an MRP office has been threated or vandalized. Democrats are waking up to the fact that their dreams of a blue wave are quickly evaporating, and now extremist activists are responding with intimidation and threats of violence. We thank the Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Department for their quick response and all that they are doing to ensure the safety of our employees and volunteers.”

Early last Friday the Michigan Republican Party Headquarters in Lansing was vandalized by two unknown individuals and Republican lawn signs across the state are also being defaced and stolen.  


Hillary Clinton has apparently found Michigan. Clinton was notorious for ignoring our great state in the 2016 election. As a matter of fact, she has blown off Michigan for years. Now, she seems to think Michiganders will listen to her, and has endorsed Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Gretchen Whitmer. 

Hillary Clinton, in a recent interview with CNN, said, "You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. That's why I believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that's when civility can start again." She has also stated the time for civility is over. 

Clinton stated this week, "I'd like to be President." This would be her third run. In 2008, Clinton lost the primary to Barack Obama, rejected by her own party. And, as we all know, in 2016 lost the General Election to Donald Trump. Michigan voters have continuously rejected everything Hillary Clinton stands for, and now she wants us to back her support of Gretchen Whitmer?

With the election only a week away, it is time for Michiganders to send Hillary another clear message: we rejected her in 2016, let's do it again in 2018!

The race for Michigan's next governor is tightening with just days before the election. The momentum is clearly on the side of the Republicans, and is feeling much like to 2016 cycle when Michiganders turned their backs on Clinton and made their voices heard.