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On Health Care, Gary Peters Does Not Live In the Same World As Michigan Workers And Small Business Owners

Out-of-touch Peters failed to hold drug companies accountable, but that doesn’t hurt his own bank account because he does not use Obamacare like the rest of Michigan

As John James continues visiting Michigan small businesses, using his shared experiences in creating jobs and providing employee healthcare to reassure our entrepreneurs that he will be a U.S. Senator who understands their needs, it has become clear that Gary Peters simply does not live in the same world as the rest of the state.

Peters lives in a politician’s world, subsidized by the government, and that starts with health care.  

Peters was forced to admit recently that he refuses to accept Congressional health insurance through an Obamacare exchange, unlike the Michigan employers and workers he represents in the Senate. Instead, Peters gets his gold-plated health insurance from a State of Michigan “retired” politician plan—a special perk available to him because he was state senator at a previous stop on his 30-year political career.    

That’s why Peters can afford his prescription drugs. But, he hasn’t achieved anything to lower costs for his constituents. Peters claims in a new television ad that he held drug companies accountable, but every statistic shows drug prices skyrocketing.   

Meanwhile, John James accepts the very same health care insurance as his own employees.

Peters takes his health care as a “retired” politician, but he’s still actively accepting special privileges no small business owner or worker could dream of:

  • Receives special health insurance instead of accepting Congressional-provided Obamacare coverage
  • Pockets a $50,000-per-year State of Michigan pension
  • Refused to take a pay cut like most Michigan residents have done
  • Takes home a $174,000 U.S. Senate salary
  • Traveled in 39 countries on the government dime
  • Doubled his wealth while in office

“John James runs a business where he understands the pressures of paying employees and providing health care. In fact, he uses the same health insurance as the people who work at his company,” said Michigan Republican Party Chair Laura Cox. “Gary Peters is so out-of-touch with Michigan workers that he rejected the Congressional Obamacare health plan for himself and took a special deal for something better, even as he falsely attacks John James regarding Obamacare.”