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On Labor Day, Why Did Peters Refuse To Criticize The Former UAW Leader Who Ripped Off Michigan Workers?

Simple. Because his pal Dennis Williams put Peters in the Senate and also wanted to put him in the governor’s office.


LANSING, Mich., September 9, 2020 — On Labor Day, Gary Peters should have had the guts to stand up for UAW members by renouncing his longtime political patron Dennis Williams, the former UAW president who was recently charged with embezzlement and defrauding the U.S. government.


Strangely, Peters maintained his silence and has previously refused to distance himself from the criminally-charged Williams.


Why? Because Williams was Peters’ biggest booster in the union world for years:




Williams led the UAW from 2014-2018. Media reported that prosecutors charged Williams and other senior UAW officials for conspiring to hide hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenditures such as golf trips and expensive dinners.  Williams faces up to five years in prison.


“Labor Day is a celebration of the Michigan worker, yet Gary Peters refused to renounce the former UAW leadership charged with ripping them off,” Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox said today. “What exactly did Peters gain though his relationship with these folks that is buying his silence today? Only Gary can explain that.”