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Michigan Democrats Stay Silent

LANSING, Mich., November 30, 2017 – On Thursday House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called for Congressman John Conyers’ resignation following a shocking Today Show interview with accuser Marion Brown. Brown, who was paid a $27,000 settlement, revealed that she was repeatedly harassed by the Congressman and that reports to her supervisors where ignored. Brown also revealed that coming forward may put her at risk due to a non-confidentiality agreement she was forced to sign, but was coming forward because she “felt it was worth the risk to stand up for all the women in the workforce that are voiceless. Ordinary women like me.”

When asked for a statement, Michigan Republican Party Chief of Staff Colleen Pero commented “For once Nancy Pelosi and I agree, John Conyers must resign.” She continued “The seriousness of these allegations, along with the taxpayer-funded hush payment that was used to cover them up, demand that people of principle speak out. Senator Debbie Stabenow, Gretchen Whitmer and other Michigan Democrats must call for his immediate resignation or explain to the people of Michigan why they refuse to stand up for what is right. Retirement at the end of this term while taxpayers will continue to pay his salary and more women may be subjected to harassment is not enough.”

On Wednesday, it was reported that John Conyers will not resign and has chosen to fight these allegations in the House ethics committee, in a process that is coming under increasing scrutiny due to its closed-door nature.