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Peters Behind Closed Doors: “I’m with you. I’m with you all the way.”

Gary Peters tells activists he supports Medicare For All when he thinks the cameras aren’t running


LANSING, Mich., September 21,2020 – To find the truth about Gary Peters’ health care positions, we have to go behind closed doors.


On Obamacare, Peters fights for it in public but he has never spent a single day on a standard Obamacare Exchange health care plan, like so many of his constituents are forced to do. But Peters conceals that information, hiding behind silence, obfuscation and lies. Only behind closed doors, buried deep in federal records, did we find out Peters does not use an Obamacare Exchange plan, but instead has an exclusive, gold-plated plan available only to politicians.  


On Medicare For All? Peters dances around it in public.


But behind closed doors? That is where we find the truth about Peters.


He fully supports Medicare For All!


“If you want to know where Gary Peters stands on health care, you have to go behind closed doors to get the truth,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “At least Bernie Sanders has the guts to tell the truth, head on, when it comes to his radical plan to take away your private health insurance. Gary Peters is the kind of swamp politician who says one thing in public and something else behind closed doors. But now we know: If reelected, Gary Peters will implement Medicare For All and take away your private insurance.”  


Caught On Tape


Peters was caught on video in a private meeting of the Michigan Democratic Party telling attendees who supported MFA that he is with them “all the way”! (Gary Peters Town Hall, 6/01/18)



  • “I don't disagree at all that the path forward is where you're going to have ‘Medicare for All’ down the road. That's probably where we're gonna go.”


  • “Well, sir, I agree. And, we have to go to where you're going.”


  • “I’m not disagreeing with you. I'm not disagreeing with you at all, it’s that we have to get a path to get to that place”


  • “…maybe in 5 to 10 years, you’re going to have Medicare for All.”



  • “So, don’t question my motivations here. I’m with you. I’m with you all the way.”