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Peters Caught Lying About Military Pay Raises During Virtual Fundraiser

Peters cast at least six votes against bills containing military pay raises

Some politicians try to get away with lying about their records in private but Gary Peters is breaking new ground. He’s doing it live— virtually.

In a June 16th virtual fundraiser, Peters was asked which issues he may be attacked on during his campaign for U.S. Senate against combat veteran John James.

Peters, noting he has been criticized for voting against military pay raises, responded by saying, “I’ve never voted against a pay raise for service members.” 

But the Washington Free Beacon exposed Peters’ lie.

They reported yesterday that Peters “voted against pay raises for service members six times from 2015 to 2016. He voted three times in 2015 and another three times in 2016 to block Defense Department funding bills that would have raised service members' pay by 2.3 percent and 2.1 percent, respectively.”

“The 2016 bill Peters voted against passed the Senate Appropriations Committee unanimously and was praised as ‘bipartisan’ by Wisconsin Democratic senator Tammy Baldwin. ‘I especially appreciate that this bill conforms to the bipartisan budget agreement and refrains from gimmicks that not only shortchange non-defense priorities, but also our military,’ Baldwin said at the time,” according to the Free Beacon.

MIGOP Chairman Laura Cox says that, “Gary Peters should apologize to Michigan military families for lying and playing politics with their income, especially while he is collecting two government paychecks from their tax dollars.”