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Peters Continues Dishonest Record on China, Glosses Over Failure to Show up For Small Businesses

Over the weekend, Senator Gary Peters continued his track record of dishonesty on holding China accountable, and glossed over his failure to stand up for Michigan's small businesses.

On Saturday, Gary Peters’ campaign tried to deflect away from the senator's poor attendance record as a member of a special Congressional Committee on China where he missed 16 of 18 meetings. The campaign stated, "Senator Peters has a strong record of standing up for Michigan whether it's holding China accountable for unfair trade practices or working to boost American manufacturing to create jobs in Michigan and take back production of life-saving drugs and medical supplies. Attempts to distort that record are simply misleading."

However, Peters is no stranger to poor attendance. The campaign's weak rebuttal on his inability to hold China accountable comes even though Peters also skipped 84% of House Small Business Committee hearings from 2011-2012 - failing to show up a single time in 2012.

"The tepid response given by the Peters camp is more of the same election year lip service that has failed Michiganders consistently over Gary Peters’ more than thirty years in office," said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. "The bottom line is that Gary Peters failed to show up to hold China accountable, and failed to show up for Michigan's small businesses. It should come as no surprise this November when Michiganders choose new leadership who will show up for them."