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Peters Continues to Hide from Tara Reade Allegations

Peters Ducks Media Inquiries

Yesterday, after Gary Peters ducked a RealClearPolitics report on Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden, Biden also dodged reporters from The Daily Caller who were looking for comment on the same matter. In an interview with Megan Kelly, Tara Reade - a Democrat - called on Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race.

Peters endorsed Biden for the Democrat Presidential nomination less than a month ago.

In 2018, during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings Petersstated, “These allegations against Judge Kavanaugh are extremely serious. Professor Ford deserves the opportunity to have her voice heard and tell her story before the Judiciary Committee acts on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.” Michigan’s junior senator has yet to weigh in on the allegations against his party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

“Why has Gary Peters stayed silent as more corroborating information has come to light about these troubling allegations?” asked Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “Peters was quick to speak out in the past about these types of allegations, but now he is silent when it is his party’s nominee involved. Michiganders deserve to know if their Senator stands with survivors, or will he simply continue to be Joe Biden’s lackey?”