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Peters Dragging His Feet On Annual Fiscal Disclosure

Report will show if Peters is still feels the ACA is not good enough for his family but is good enough for everyone else

U.S. Senator Gary Peters is dragging his feet on filing his 2019 annual financial disclosure report, despite being up for reelection.

Or, is it because he is up for reelection?

Peters’ upcoming report is important because it will reveal if Peters still benefits from an exclusive, gold-plated private health insurance plan not available to the public.

Peters recently came under fire by opponent John James for previously refusing to use an ACA exchange health care plan. Peters never publicly stated that he rejected the ACA for his own family while he based his campaign on the issue. But, it was recently uncovered in previous Congressional disclosure reports, forcing him to admit that has been the case in previous years.

The new 2019 annual report was originally due to the U.S. Senate on May 15th, which would have allowed voters plenty of time to review Peters financial interests as they considered their pick for Senate. Due to the COVID-19 crisis an option was provided to request a filing extension of 90-days, to August 13th (this Thursday). Peters requested the extension on April 16th. 

However, in a letter to Peters on April 16th, the Senate Select Committee on Ethics wrote that, Filers are, of course, welcome to submit their Annual Reports for CY 2019 at any time before the August 13th deadline.

Peters, despite being up for reelection, still has not filed the report.

“Gary Peters knows that previous disclosure reports blew his cover on his refusal to use Obamacare for his family, so it’s not a surprise he has waited to file the latest report,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “Now he is up for reelection and even though the ethics committee encouraged him to file sooner, he is hiding.”

“Just release the report, Gary. Then you can explain why you’ve based your campaign on the ACA but refuse to use it yourself.”